Boy who is deaf hears parents voices for the first time

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The Edmonton Oilers have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs after being swept by the Colorado Avalanche.

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TIFU by asking my roommate for sex randomly

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  1. The only thing I changed here was "sent Quick's jockstrap to the rafters" to "dekes Quick out". Is it editorialized? Yeah, but I don't think it was enough to take down the post. Hockey is a fun game, we should be allowed to have a little bit of fun in our titles.

  2. They want post titles to be like hockey player interviews: boring and recycled

  3. I wouldn't say text-to-speech robotic level, you can pick up the difference tones and pitches, but the sound quality itself really changes between hearing aid company, model and time itself.

  4. I’m similar to you, about 50% loss of hearing at the speech decibel level and I have a significantly harder time with higher pitches. Got my first pair of hearings aids at age 9 and it was world shaking. I could hear the fridge running, I could hear people talking from upstairs, and my twin and I would yell at each other to “hurt” each other when we were arguing for the first few weeks after we got them. It was so different, and every time I get new hearing aids everything sounds a little electronic again until I adjust.

  5. There aren’t many stars outside of our own galaxy that we can resolve very easily with amateur ground scopes. The very few ones that can are in Andromeda and the Triangulum with some exceptions for other galaxies here and there. I’ve found it’s usually star clusters that we can resolve more than individual stars when they’re in another galaxy. That said, my guess (cause I’m absolutely not an expert) is most of those stars you’re referring to are foreground Milky Way stars, but not all

  6. Nice shot! I wish I could get that sweet Ha data for my integration, but I'll need to wait until I can get a dual band filter.

  7. Hey, this might help a bit with understanding what exactly SCNR does and the role it plays in color calibration. I didn’t read this until probably a month ago and it made a lot of things click regarding color calibration for me. Also, this website is an incredible resource for PixInsight if you ever end up using that down the road.

  8. Nope. We’ve had our share of midgets on ice and we need to employ some fast angry guys.

  9. Is it just me or he looks a lot like Talbot with that stache?

  10. Talbot? You mean Maxime “Scored-the-only-two-goals-in-game-7-of-the-Stanley-Cup-Final” Talbot? That guy?

  11. I've always wanted to get into photography and I'm getting ready to go back to school for astrophysics so maybe this is the hobby I need to get into. Your photo is absolutely stunning btw

  12. Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. It’s definitely not easy to learn everything there is to know to produce a modest image, that’s for sure. But even as I was learning and producing crappy images, I found it to be a super rewarding hobby and I never get tired of seeing my first exposure pop up on my tablet screen or the first glimpse in processing of what the final image color will look like. I’m in finance now but now that I’ve discovered this hobby, I feel I may have missed my calling somewhere in astronomy. Good luck with astrophysics and I hope I see images from you in the next few years!

  13. The Heart Nebula in SHO, shot from my backyard in B6. As I shoot more narrowband images, I'm starting to understand the importance of SNR when comparing hydrogen vs sulfur vs oxygen. I was planning on collecting more sulfur and oxygen, but cloudy weather is up ahead and it was time to put this project to bed.

  14. I went back on my latest shot of the Eastern Veil and decided to play around with it in Starnet, since I haven't used Starnet in quite a while and just wanted to see how it looked. I was messing around with curves adjustments and decided to de-saturate it a smidge, and really liked the joker-esque aesthetic it gave and thought it might be worth sharing.

  15. My absolute favorite target, the striking Eastern Veil Nebula. This is a supernova remnant made of ionized gas from a star 20x the size of our sun that exploded somewhere between 5,000 and 8,000 years ago. When it exploded, it would’ve been brighter than Venus and visible during daytime for a few weeks. It’s 1,900 light years away and spans 100 light years across.

  16. It almost bothers me when people like you produce these incredible images without PixInsight. Almost. Incredible image and great work!

  17. My absolute favorite target, the striking Eastern Veil Nebula. Shot from B6, I wanted to try an HSO palette but ended up not being satisfied with the color so I incorporated

  18. They look like hot pixels. Basically when a camera has a long ass shutter speed.

  19. That’s not what hot pixels look like. Hot pixels are pixels on the sensor that register photons even when photons aren’t hitting it, which would mean that the hot pixels would show up anywhere on the image, and in the same place on the sensor every time regardless of what target is being shot. The fact they fit so neatly on the image is your biggest clue that it’s signal, not noise or a hot pixel. It’s nebulosity they captured with their Hydrogen filter

  20. Knowing the shit this kid went through earlier in his career, I have a hard time putting together the words to describe how happy I am that he won the cup.

  21. This is exactly why I felt compelled to share this with my fiancé who doesn’t follow hockey and indulges me when I get excited about it. I definitely shared this video and the context behind it with her. Damn it makes me feel happy to see JJ win a Cup after breaking into the Avs lineup on a PTO. Unreal story and he deserves every little win he gets out of it

  22. Aw yeah buddy we need way more Prince Filip up in this thread, all that animal does is rip shelfies buddy, pops bottles pops pussies so keep your finger on that lamp light limpdick cause the forecast is goals. Fuck your cookie jar and your water bottles, you better get quality rubbermaids bud cause she's gonna spend a lot of time hitting the fucking ice if Fil has anything to say about it. Blistering Wristers or fat clappers, this fuckin guy can't be stopped. If I had a choice of one attack to use to kill Hitler I would choose a Filip Forsberg snipe from the top of the circle because you fucking know his evil dome would be bouncing off the end boards after that puck is loosed like lightning from the blade of God's own CCM. I'd just pick up the phone and call Carl Filip Anton Forsberg at 1-800-TOP-TITS where he can be found earning his living at the back of the goddamn net. The world record for a recorded sniper kill is 3,540m, but that's only because nobody has asked ya boi Fil to rip any wristers at ISIS yet. If i had three wishes, the first would be to live forever, the second would be for Filip Forsberg to live forever, and the third would be for a trillion dollars so I could pay to watch ol Scoresberg Score top cheddar magic for all eternity.

  23. I concur. Wouldn't mind 2nd line centers doing the same!

  24. Inventing a fee for no other reason than to waste money and calling it a convenience tax is the most realistic thing in Runescape

  25. Toradol is an nsaid. And I doubt they’re putting athletes on long term opioids unless it’s indicated. But I would agree that they shouldn’t push them to play it they’re injured. Imagine athletes are stubborn though

  26. No reason to speculate when we have player insight into the pain killer culture

  27. Listen I loved that, but also…he WAS a liability so I really don’t get why people that said that should kiss his ass.

  28. Imagine being so confidently incorrect... It actually hurts to read.

  29. He says they’re on timers in the exact same sentence where he says they only allow a certain amount of fish. Well which one is it?

  30. you understood me, when i say ask i mean with word, if you are watching a movie, if one put hand on the other, the other did itand it goes... without asking it with word

  31. “Look what you made him do” is just complete horseshit in general and in his case specifically. He’s a habitual line stepper who tries to get under opponents skins by making dirty plays. People fuckin’ love the guy on their team that plays that way but they think everyone else’s players who do that should be out of the league.

  32. Tom Wilson is my linestepper, I’m not capable of having an unbiased opinion.

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