1. Messed up part is that I think the kid in the military gear might be a real soldier and the other guys just dressed up .

  2. Also I tried making a Thanksgiving post but the mods took it down so happy Thanksgiving for all those who see this🦍

  3. I tell you what man, I always play on my own and after playing tarkov I actually feel unwell from all adrenaline an stress, it's like a surprise gunfight in dayz except all the time

  4. Very much felt. Was in a fight earlier and felt like puking from adrenaline dawg

  5. It hurts but he’s right lol. Rip old gen

  6. Ong, I didn't realize how good DayZ could be until I upgraded to my series s dawg

  7. THis was done already; it's called most other survival/puzzle games. Quit trying to make dayz like your tried and true games from yore; this is a unique experience. Adapt or move on.

  8. Cz75 is my go to. It’s not better in any way I don’t think, but Cz75s are damn sexy pistols. Plus they shoot great irl.

  9. I do to honestly, my friend who helps with ideas to post, like the .22 a lot tho. It's what I always end up running.

  10. the nagant revolver apparently has like an unique gas seal which makes it a suppressable revolver, something the magnum does not have. quick edit: there is a gap between the cylinder and the barrel which lets a lot of gas escape, making a suppressor completely useless.

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