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  1. Looks angry... This chart should scare people.

  2. Exactly. Looks like it’s ready to go to the moon. 😂 inflation. 😢

  3. It feels like the volatility shorts have given up. GME has been running on NOpex’s.

  4. I don’t but had been considering giving it a try. Where’d you get yours?

  5. Im taking a preworkout that has 300mg theobromine its the vitamin shoppe altered strength preworkout but theres nutricost capsules and bulk supplements powder on amazon. Do you suffer from social anxiety also?

  6. More of a general anxiety. I’m going to try the vitamin shoppe to see if they have it.

  7. That’s only the case if traveling 400+ miles and even then it’s 30 min instead of a typical 10-15 min stop at a gas station. 🤷‍♂️ plus it’s free…

  8. And if you’re like my family, not a single one of those kids can go 300 miles without needing to use the bathroom or eat lunch or stop to throw up after they kept reading when I specifically told them that they were going to get carsick. There are, unfortunately, plenty of breaks during road trips that are much longer than just “fill the tank with gas and go” when it’s not just you in the car lol

  9. She got only 1 day after apologizing. She's still a Karen regardless.

  10. There was a similar story last march and a simple google search brings it up. It has to be disguising some sort of movement on the stock. It likely has nothing to do with Amazon and maybe some swaps or short covering instead.

  11. Yeah I get condensation on the cooling element, but I have a frost free fridge so the condensation drips into a collection tray that’s built in

  12. I appreciate the honesty. My income is low because I only work part time in order to be able to take care of my disabled wife. She acquired a TBI and is unable to live her life independently. Fortunately she's able to do most things for herself so I'm able to work at all, but I am currently working overnights so that I can work while she's sleeping, then through the day when I'm sleeping, if she needs something she can't handle herself, she can wake me up if necessary.

  13. This is literally the worst time in recent history to buy a home. It may be more prudent to plan to buy a home in the next 1-2 years after prices have come down. In the meantime you could work towards finding a WFH, work from home, position that may pay more and offer some benefits. The prices have just started to come down year over year for the first time since 2009. It may be worth waiting, growing your savings and income in the meantime. Prices are going to come way down.

  14. Thing is, everyone is still waiting on any action. The MMTLP story is amazing. Very nutshell:

  15. You left out the part where FINRA allowed the stock to go from around $10 all the way down to $2.90 on December 8th before they decided to halt trading to "protect" investors in the very early morning hours of the 9th

  16. Yup. They let them buy it all the way down and then bent them over the counter.

  17. It still amazes me when shit like this happens. It was a private company, no reason shorts would ever cover. The shorts were selling something that didn’t exist at all, shares of a private company. People bought something nonexistent with the expectation that there would be future buyers. Finra shits down the BS before the fund who short mmtlp could blow up.

  18. Right OP… but some things shouldn’t take 960 attempts. If it does, your a danger to society. 😂

  19. Have you been able to form any conclusions or questions based on all that data you’ve collected?

  20. We’ve still got whales coming in. Thank you for your service.

  21. I got the same amount in my 401k as well 👀

  22. Jezzus. Don’t go jack’n my titties like that. Ease into it. 😂

  23. Iborrowdesk always shows shares available so what good is ortex’s utilization data?

  24. Just the idiot part. He doesn’t seem useful for anyone.

  25. That’s why I’m trying to get overemployed. I wanna buy more before the next leg up.

  26. Lmao get fukt shorts. We’d lost some momentum but if we’re increasing 5% per quarter that’s pretty damn great.

  27. Lol. Those trillions are just the ones the SEC can see….

  28. Maybe we should have articles discussing how many have brown eyes or blonde hair or tattoos or what their religions are.

  29. There should be articles on the need for mental health services and how young men are more in need of it now than they’ve ever needed it. What good is it to not acknowledge the fact that it’s almost exclusively a male issue?

  30. It may very well be that mental health services focus more on women than men, but you need to be wary of looking at an incredibly small fraction of men and generalizing their issues to all men. To do so is to select the exception that fits the rule or to employ the nadir fallacy. If we look at the bulk of the evidence, we see that the vast, vast majority of men don’t have mental health problems causing them to go on killing rampages. Those that do are an incredibly small exception.

  31. What part doesn’t follow? 99% of school shooters are historically men. It’s not like school shootings are fueled by testosterone. So that begs the question of why? Mental health support in this country is almost nonexistent if the parents aren’t involved and have solid insurance.

  32. Wise anon. My fav was the tacticool chinesium. 😂 that’s half the videos on YouTube.

  33. Deleverage the market so inflation will slow. Slow crash or fast crash. DGAF.

  34. UBS also said they were going to de-risk the credit suisse assets. A giant exaggeration on your financials seems like a pretty big risk to me.

  35. I doubt they’ll try to close their GME unless they can’t find someone to roll the swap. We’re too illiquid. If any big boys try to close we’ll rocket.

  36. Whelp, now we’ve found the maximum number of companies Elon can run.

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