1. Not like that but you can place them in line with each other and have the central square be stationary relative to the outer ones rotation

  2. That is a piece of Javelin wreckage! At least as far as I can tell. It’s a central piece but at least the bridge and wings are missing so it’s tricky to identify

  3. I am pretty sure they used to have four in them but I have not bought one in ages

  4. It does! But I’m pretty sure that’s just a filter. The hands look right which is rare to see in AI art and I have never seen blocky glitchy artifacts like the ones on the woman’s top before when using a diffuser.

  5. Masterreedy is correct but missed what I think the original post was saying. The point was that you don’t have to pollute, be stuck in traffic or have terribly designed cities in order to be free

  6. If that were true, I would have a crush on like… all of my friends

  7. Not colorful enough for SCs current design language is something I could imagine being part of it. But it’s probably just lack of resources, need for that kind of armor and that it’s just a concept.

  8. Am I being dumb here? Please correct me! Isn’t the only change that Zoomers are not getting licenses as the population gets older? This is not a chart showing the age of license applications or completions for that age group. So the graph just shifts to the right over time as a “car hype wave” kinda rolls over…

  9. Ideally, you can take that beautiful Bari to a Horn Repair Technician to look for leaks with a light. You can tell them a money limit, and they can help you figure out the best way to use limited money to get the Horn in good playing condition. Maybe you can improvise?? Improvise a Closer and Handle for the old Case? 😊 ✌️💚🎤🔧🎷⚡️🎷⚡️

  10. It plays well enough for me to practice. Would I be making things worse if there were any issues?

  11. I suspected as much. Try putting that reed in a cup of water for a 15 minutes and THEN play it. See what difference that makes.

  12. 😂 Honestly, this is great! It feels comforting to get advice from people more knowledgeable!!

  13. I’m catching up on threads here and just saw your post. Welcome to the Big Leagues! Once you get that thing under control, I’m sure it will be great fun.

  14. Yes she was quite a regular player. As far as I know she was competing sometimes as well?! But I don’t know if that was on Baritone or one of the smaller ones. But yes, will post some pictures and try and figure out about my mouthpiece and reed!

  15. Just give us pictures of everything (including close-ups of the maker marks, model #, etc) and we’ll tell you just how undeserving you are, lol …

  16. 🙈Oh god, I’m already insecure enough haha but sure, can do!

  17. Buddy wth the hell, The Dragon would never do this to us 😭😭😭

  18. I want to snuggle up under the wings of The dragon!

  19. My guess would be that weight plays into the calculations of how fast a ship accelerates so the tweak that stat to make the ship feel ‘right’. Just a guess though!!

  20. The rightmost gunner has not played another class ever!

  21. I feel like they have been “working on it” for years now with no changes

  22. I always like to tell people to not worry about labels that much. You are how you are and you like what you like. Just be yourself

  23. Sonic is canonically 3ft3. He's a real pro at 50cm.

  24. Conversion: Sonic is roughly 100cm That monster is about 1.64 feet

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