1. One of the support's x3 is preemptive strike. I saw no less than 5 of them on Wednesday when my 5x3 barrage was continuously kept out.

  2. Probably just in their chaos setup and they have it auto-swap on raid entry.

  3. I still believe a lack of supports is the indirect root of this problem. So I'm still putting 90% of the blame on sg. 10% goes to the general community being trash.

  4. Totally this. When there's 10+ 6/8 parties all waiting for 2 supports each at almost any time you know the support class design is not enticing enough for a lot of people.

  5. Idk why you're down voted. Leg accessories were in the 100ks when Argos released. Now you can't sell one for more than 10k. Ancient will do the same to relic.

  6. Nah man, relic bis accessories will still be worth a shit ton after ancient gets added, the jump from 3/5 to 3/6 is nowhere near as big as from 3/3 to 3/5

  7. I honestly thing that the snootiness with build choices needs to relax. SmileGate seem to be intentionally making the builds slightly more closer in damage with higher damage floors being on the more difficult to perfect classes.

  8. I played a lot on release, dropped it when my friends did and just got back into the game. Main is just past 1400 and I’m just a bit lost with what I can even do, how to get all the engravings you need to raid, how to find groups for Argos etc. any group/player/guild in EUC (I’m on Calvasus) willing to help with easing back into the game and or some content?

  9. Generally you just want to keep honing until 1415. Before that you can try to put together a 3x3 engraving setup pretty much for free using the accessories from Argos and Oreha Hard, but it requires you cut a 6/6 stone. Since honing to 1415 is so easy now most people don't bother working on their engravings until then, since that's when you get access to relic accessories and stones, which make getting a 4x3 engraving setup pretty cheap, and cutting a 6/6 relic stone is a lot easier than a legendary stone, you actually don't need to cut a 6/6 relic stone to get 4x3 with relic accessories (usually you got for a mix of relic and legendary) so it's even easier.

  10. Thanks so much, that really took a bit of the stress off since all I read everywhere is „5x3“ here and „relic set“ there which is rly discouraging and overwhelming rn haha I‘ll make sure to focus on getting to 1415 before worrying about that thank you!

  11. 5x3 is something you worry about when you're more in the 1470 range on your first character, it's a very costly and time consuming goal when you do it the 1st time. 4x3 is perfectly fine for the time being.

  12. You shouldn't have any issues getting into Argos or Valtan NM honestly, you just have to try joining groups that are more or less the same ilvl as you are. The gems are a bit lacking, but when you reach 1445 you get a set of level 5 gems from the hyper express that are free to re-roll so there's not much reason to splurge on those now. The only problem i see is not having grudge as one of your engravings, as that is by far the biggest damage boost engraving for pinnacle glavier after your class engraving. Your roster level is probably the biggest reason people gatekeep you, which is pretty dumb.

  13. Monks and Ninjas are absolutely horrible to fight. So much survivability, abilities to escape, and setups that instant kills you.

  14. I'd say they're nowhere near as bad as Samurai with their 1-hit ko LB.

  15. Wanted to get some feedback about WD and Reaper in Brel+ content.

  16. Reaper will be gatekept a lot harder then WD. If you don't have the cash to get 5x3 on reaper then there's no point in honing it 1475+ imo.

  17. Front attack is 20% increased damage and 10% more stagger.

  18. How about the neck? Mass spec minimal crit ? Equal ?

  19. Ideally you want the highest quality neck possible which has both stats maxed at 500 or near it.

  20. Oh am I misunderstanding the neck I thought it was shared from a pool of stats and the split could be different .

  21. It kinda is. Relic neck go from 400 to 500 on each stat depending on quality. With 50% quality there's 100 stats randomly distributed between the two, so you can have a 50% quality necklace with 400 crit and 500 spec for example, but could also be 450/450. At 100% quality both stats max out at 500.

  22. As a newb who's just got to 1415, has the game reached the stage where Valtan normal is matchmade yet? There just aren't any learning parties on my server and I'm too scared to start one because I'm not ready for the responsibility of the Sidereal skills yet, lol.

  23. I would never suggest using matchmaking for legion raids.

  24. What are the odds of getting a 9/5 stone? Is there an overview?

  25. It would be probably much cheaper for you to buy that accessory than cut that stone successfully.

  26. If you set 20% quality, it won't disassemble relics above 20% quality.

  27. But then it'll start also leaving legendary accessories above 20% quality.

  28. only barrage enhancement artillerist does that. firepower enhancement artillerist pretty much never transforms. it depends on the class engraving of choice

  29. So just like Shadow Hunter and Scouter, one engraving makes them a transformation class and the other doesn't.

  30. I've made a horrible mistake by not buying all that shit earlier

  31. I said "a piece". Not the whole thing, that consists of FOUR pieces, but a singular piece. So yes, you are correct, 4 pieces cost IN ALL REGIONS 120-200k gold. Also helmets are often cheaper than body pants and weapon.

  32. They cost like 30-50k a piece on Korea and RU. You think it will be different in the west? Yea, they will be expensive for the first couple of months - because it is a whale bait too - but after that anyone will be able to afford them

  33. There is no way they will cost just that. That's how much we're already seeing regular skins sell for. These would be 200k+ at a minimum.

  34. Does wei do the whole stagger bar? or do we need to do some stagger to her too?

  35. Don't use auto-dismantle based on engravings as it will start keeping all the shitty stat (expertise, domination, and endurance) accessories instead whenever they happen to roll with good engravings. You can mark the good engravings in your engravings list to make them stand out i guess, but don't use the auto-dismantle option.

  36. Just reply that you appreciate the gift but you don't need it and the it costs pheons to accept, they probably have no clue about pheons.

  37. +1 to Wakaliwood. I absolutely love that movie and it's such a blast to watch as VJ Emmie is such a funny af commentator. And the actors truly give it their all as this is a passion project for them.

  38. I always wondered if VJ Emmie was part of the official movie production, or if it's just some random guy that took the movie and added his own commentary for laughs, and it just happened to have caught traction in the west because it was funny.

  39. out of touch comment. if u want more skins just release more skins. they will not go under just to satisfy ur ego with a "legendary" skin with no value.

  40. You must have not played any mmo that offers skins for sale just for the sake of looking good, people will buy a fair priced skin that offers no in game advanage in a heartbeat. I'm sorry that all you've ever experienced in online games is predatory cash shops.

  41. money talks, if they thought they would get a good income with just the cosmetic part of the legendary skins they would have been doing it right now

  42. They would, but they're afraid to hurt the feelings of their golden child korean playerbase. I guess they prefer to make no money at all instead.

  43. Does anyone have a suggestion for those that are still only rank 10? ><

  44. You don't any more, that was only possible with the old system.

  45. That’s pretty dumb. Especially when the class does like no dps regardless of pilot. Definitely not balanced in our region.

  46. I mean, it's like surge blade where all your damage comes from surge, it's just not as cracked.

  47. Except dbs other skills do more than 20k dmg, and on the whole the class is actually useful as well. Imagine if surge skill did 1/6th the dmg, then you have reaper.

  48. the advantage of surge is having all the damage come from one source instead of 3 like lunar reaper, the build in the video is hunger reaper which is the less burst more uptime version which would be more comparable with remaining energy

  49. Why do people pay 6k for a map on NAE servers after xhe chaos Gates if the return is so much less?

  50. The solar materials and honor shard pouches alone total for over 6k gold. Beyond that you get 40 level 1 gems and a chance for legendary books.

  51. What's the optimal swifness / crit ratio For comunicación overflow summoner I have seen some 1600/500 and 1300/800+ builds i'm working on getting CO-grudge-KBW-HM-Adrenaline as My 5 engravings and allu set Will I be fine with the first option 1600/500?

  52. Just hit 1415 on my main, but it’s getting super hard / expensive to go much further. Is this a good place to park my character for now? Or should I try to push for 1445

  53. Getting to 1430 is not that much more expensive and lets you do vykas (likely getting a bus) and start collecting materials for your relic set. Using the honing books from the winter event, i would slowly hone towards that using bound leapstones from daily/weekly unas, while getting more alts up to 1370. Pushing straight to 1445 you'd find yourself heavily gatekept from Valtan HM anyway. Don't spend gold to buy leapstones or honor shards to speed up honing. That said 1415 is also when it's expected you start running proper stats, 4x3 engravings and i would suggest at least level 5 gems, parking at 1415 for a while and working on that first is not a bad choice. But in general if you have the bound leapstones and gold to spare, just try and hone.

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