Sweaty Ari

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  1. Ozzy. Bark At The Moon tour. '83

  2. Same. At West High School in Anchorage Alaska. Still haven’t told my mom. I was 13 and snuck out

  3. Lol. I was 13 as well. Didn't sneak out, my mom went with me 😂

  4. She makes me cum so hard 💦💦💦

  5. Umm... That's definitely not Ari. Nice fake though...

  6. Nice!!! I'm the same... 🐱🌬

  7. I'm pretty sure most Tesla drivers are worried that flashing signal lights will drain their power and reduce their range so opt not to use them.

  8. I know. It was a joke because not many people use them

  9. To me, he's the greatest. Gone way too soon

  10. i would love that so fucking much, though there’s no way i could hold it longer than 20 seconds with her

  11. Right??? Me too. Just too damn hot 🔥

  12. She looks ripped off her ass in pic 2 😂😂😂 Friends with Mary Jane perhaps???

  13. The brat needs to be dicked down hard

  14. 1970 here. I'm not a fan, but the way he can put words together, especially doing freestyle, is incredible to me

  15. I hear ya. Our music is becoming "classic rock"...

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