1. I love your smile they look perfect. Perhaps maybe you’ve spent so long being insecure about your teeth that even after they look good you still feel like they aren’t good enough?

  2. 4 Killed for What. It’s great he doesn’t speculate too much and he has on lawyers and psychiatrists on as guest too. It helps get professional opinions on what could be happening in situations like this

  3. Arya or Sansa with Sweetrobin I know they are cousins but I don’t think that’s look on as incest in Westeros. Ned’s parents were cousins and Twyin and Joanna were cousins too. As far as Great Houses go. But there’s probably some Karstarks or Manderly boys that he could marry his daughters too. Having marriage alliances with your strong bannerman is also very important.

  4. I wonder about the Doom of Valyria how it was the best thing to happen for the Others. Took out Dragons, Took out Valyrian Steel, probably got rid of a lot of Dragon-glass too.

  5. Kevan is one of my favorite Lannisters tbh

  6. Tommen as King and Kevan as Hand actually had huge potential to be a great force for good in Westeros too good…

  7. You forgot the warrants for the car and the family home in PA (phone, laptop etc.).

  8. Yes I’m assuming that because the PCA was released before a search warrant so they wouldn’t have really any other evidence unless it’s something like a anonymous tip that they wanted to keep hidden. But really seems like a anonymous tip isn’t going to be used in court because you know it’s anonymous

  9. Why wouldn’t they have any other concrete evidence they chosed not to put in the PCA?

  10. They were good for some things (six strike rule, ending the right to first night, widows law, mandating better drinking water for people in the city, kicking the Ironborn out of the Riverlands, building roads which helped trade flourish etc) and shitty in other ways (they were constantly starting absolutely devastating wars between themselves and would often drag the entirety of Westeros into their family dragon nuke drama).

  11. If your wife cheats on you, you can only hit her six times, as the seventh represents the Stranger. :D

  12. There’s not the death penalty on adultery in Westeros? I guess I always assumed there was at least on the wives 😭

  13. That different for everyone and situations. But the main thing is if the girl tells you first say it back even if you aren’t in love yet. It saves you such a headache and drama trust me

  14. I kinda hope he doesn’t lmao. Love love love F&B but he just needs to spend every waking moment he has left on Winds and Dream ehe

  15. I think his said his writing priorities is WoW first and then Fire and Blood second. But deep down I yearn for more Dunk and Egg

  16. He did it to fulfill prophecy and he was a good father to his bastards

  17. You think he was trying to make as many TPTWP as possible? I also wonder how he would’ve learned about the prophecy to start with. Presumably it died with Rhaneyra. Unless she told it to Aegon III before her death and he told Viserys and so on.

  18. I wonder when kinslaying stops. Is it like immediate family, aunts/uncles, and first cousins? Cause if not then with the way the family’s intermarry many small conflicts could potentially end up in kinslaying.

  19. Well to the Karstarks having a ancestor from centuries ago still counts as Kinslaying 😂

  20. My first round of trays came in about 2 weeks (April 2022). My first round of refinement took 2 months to come in (December 2022) and I had to wear my last trays for almost 3 months as a result. It was awful! I grind pretty bad and there were holes and cracks by the time I finally got my refinements. Not ideal to say the least lol.

  21. Did you still wear the last tray the whole 20-22 hours? I didn’t know if you could do less or not.

  22. It's annoying but it happens. I scanned for refinements in September and they didn't arrive until January. I was stuck with one tray for over three months because my refinements took four months to arrive. I was also very impatient and quite honestly pretty ticked about it. I don't see a ton of long long delays on this sub, but things arrive up to a month late can be pretty common. Good luck!

  23. I think I’ll pull my attachments off myself if I have to wait 3 months. That’s absolutely crazy

  24. Otis LITERALLY has said he loves Maeve in all 3 seasons and even said I love you to Ola. And yet he didn’t say to Ruby. I wonder why. I know you’re obsessed with Ruby and even you U/Beeemkcl should just concede. There’s not going to be “we’ll see after Season 4” Otis LITERALLY confessed to his own Mother that Maeve is someone really important to him and she’s his person.

  25. Probably didn’t say it right then because to him Maeve and Ola both hadn’t reciprocated it when he said it so he was guarding his heart. But I feel like if Ruby had said it in person and he saw how genuine her face was saying he might’ve felt secure enough to do say it

  26. Sleep is just a Time Machine to transfer you to time to play Animal Crossing lol

  27. Go to sleep earlier. I feel like the hours of sleep I get before midnight makes me feel better than the ones that don’t. Like if I sleep 10-6 I feel better than if I slept 1-9 even if it’s the same number of hours I feel worse. I don’t know the science behind it but it’s true

  28. First off Tinder really isn’t the best place for the average guy to meet women. 75% of its users are men. A 3:1 ration isn’t a reflection of reality so it means the average girl on there’s getting 3 times the attention that she would in real world. That’s just my only piece of advice but also the algorithm for Tinder hurts you if you swipe on everyone so you aren’t even doing it properly. As far as lowering your standards I don’t think accepting transwomen is necessary for anyone that’s not 100% accepting of that. The other stuff is hard to gauge because a 6 or 7 to you might be like a 9 or a 5 to me i don’t know.

  29. I wouldn’t say most likely Cryptid because would it have any natural predators to help cull their numbers? Since humans clearly aren’t hunting them. You’d think their population since the last Ice Age would’ve grown large enough to move out of one isolated “bowl” as he said.

  30. I think jobs that allows them to do violence legally to others will always be enticing for someone like this

  31. All the things mentioned but also DnD never liked asoiaf. They liked the wot5k storyline. They have often mentioned how much the red wedding impressed them and made them want to adapt asoiaf. ASOS ends the wot5k storyline, hence DnD being completely disinterested in the following books.

  32. That explains why as soon as Stannis dies in GoT which I suppose officially ended the Wot5k storyline the show went south fast.

  33. He was just built different. Even after all that trauma and the death of dragons the Targaryen dynasty stayed alive because of how good of a King him, his sons, and his brother ended up being.

  34. Yes Daeron the Young Dragon was a good King he was pattern after Alexander the Great. Baelor the Blessed was good he truly cared about the smallfolk not just their physical needs(he emptied out the royal treasury to help the poor) but he cared about them spiritually and their salvation he he is known as the most popular King among the Smallfolk and the Faith. Not to mention created lasting peace with Dorne and started the process of assimilating them into the Seven Kingdoms with his marriage allliances. So yes both were good and popular Kings that allowed the Targaryen dynasty to stay popular despite having no dragons.

  35. If they aren’t on my car insurance then they aren’t borrowing my car

  36. Yes in the books he accepts the Throne to protect his family. In the show he was willing to abandon his whole family so he didn’t have to take the Throne. It’s the complete opposite.

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