The Senate passed it 80 to 15. Railroaders won't get sick pay and any strike by them will be illegal.

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But politics have nothing to do with hate and crime…

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Card Against Humanity pissing off pro-lifers. Pretty amusing.

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  1. No boom bang unless you know from experience you need it. No motor unless you need it. Depends where you are going to sail and how much room you have between you and hazards or other sailors. You probably don't need lessons. Watch videos on YouTube before you go out. Carry a paddle and a bailer for emergencies. Wear a pfd.

  2. Why you think people buy high and sell low--recipe for loss? They buy when excitement is high and sell when depressed. Take your emotions out of it. You shouldn't invest anything in crypto you can't afford to lose. Then sit on it and be prepared to sit for 10 years.

  3. Who said I bought in high with my emotions 🤣, I made profit in the last pump and sold before it got low not everyone on the same train thought as u buddy .

  4. Seriously, where is the Ivanka and Jared investigation? If they think Hunter was so bad surely they must be furious about the grifting Trump kids! Right? Lol. Fucking asshats.

  5. They want to push the idea that both sides are the same. But that doesn't work. Joe doesn't have 20+ women saying he sexually assaulted them. Or tax fraud accusations. Or audio tapes of him trying to blackmail government officials in Georgia and Ukraine. And the list goes on and on

  6. We will know on Wednesday if the Supreme Court will consider the case. Definitely don’t do anything before then. If they refuse then it is game over for forgiveness.

  7. It is never game over. Congress can do something any time. Biden is changing bankruptcy rules. Many more things could change in the next year or two. I have had student loans a long time. I would wait a while longer.

  8. A Republican Congress isn’t going to do anything along the lines of forgiveness. Even the democratic Congress didn’t do anything. Bankruptcy is not forgiveness. Bankruptcy is a way to destroy your purchasing power and job prospects.

  9. Biden is not through working on this issue. I also don't recommend bankruptcy. I held on through the last financial crisis even though I defaulted. Twice. And 16000 or so was added to my balance. (Legal fees. BS is more like it.) Things got better. And they will get better again.

  10. The author makes it ambiguous. The author also emphasizes at several points that women are property and not equal to men in society while showing they may be stronger than men in the individual case like Dani vs her weaselly brother.

  11. There are a lot of changes that could be made that would make student loan debt easier in the future. Like 0 percent interest. Like no legal fees added after default (most of my remaining balance). Like discharge after 30 years. Doesn't have to be a blanket amount of forgiveness for everybody. The loan servicing companies are using the existing rules to their advantage to ensure you pay till you die.

  12. Hispanic conservatives like other minorites who are conservative will never learn.

  13. The problem with supporting a party that wants to relieve different groups of their rights is that eventually they discover that you are a member of one of the excluded groups. Everybody...eventually ... is.

  14. They do, they just believe it's towards the OTHER Mexican-Americans. Not them. No they're the good ones.

  15. Party over country, over morals, over character.

  16. And they ALL call themselves patriots. Those who want to put scumbags in office.

  17. We are in a bad economy. The whole world is. Things will get better. So it is stupid to say Shib is never going to be worth anything just as it is stupid to say we (Shib hodlers) are all going to be millionaires by January.

  18. I am already 64. I am not literally holding till 80. What I meant was I still expect to hold long term. If it hits .001 I retire with $1 million. Otherwise I could be working till 75 or maybe even 80.

  19. If you want to go by statistics, a whole lot of people do not make it to 80 & those that do ain't exactly mobile enough to make the most of what's left 😂

  20. There's a problem. That is true. But you are supposed to check for the train before you get on the tracks. If you are already on the tracks it's too late for that. You have to do everything you can to get off them. That includes pushing other vehicles out of the way. My opinion. That sounds callous but if other vehicles are close to you and you get hit by a train they will be in worse shape.

  21. I assume it's also common practice to stop at all uncontrolled train tracks?

  22. If you are not hauling hazardous materials it is not required to stop at a railroad crossing if there is no stop sign or light or crossing guard. If you are on the tracks and a train is coming the rules don't matter if you want to stay alive.

  23. Anti-Choicers. Nomenclature is important here. Christo-Fascists is also an acceptable answer.

  24. They are not Pro-Life. More like Pro-Misery for People Who Don't Think Like Me. But that is too long

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