1. I'm looking forward to AI juries. That will be neat. /s

  2. Our next matchup is in Bud Walton. Play your best basketball and we will still have no problem winning with ease.

  3. Get him the Davidoff Year of the Rabbit 2023. Limited release. 10 count. $500 ish.

  4. bro reposted my vid and even copied the post title

  5. Gabe Kapler was there with his girlfriend. Just devastating news for female Giants fans 😩

  6. I mean that’s like $200 to him he wasn’t trippin win or lose. Glad he lost it tho lol

  7. But I imagine you’d double check what was actually written before replying?

  8. Local store had boxes of them listed at 250. Gone after a week

  9. It’s extremely high. Houston is insanely good but they’re also a bit of a metric darling tbh

  10. Op if you sell any lmk! I’d be interested to see more of your collection! 🤝🏼🙏🏼👍🏼

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