1. That wasn't the case for the most recent drop. People had their cards within a week or so. Late buyers could actually look up what the bonus cards were before buying. It ruled.

  2. Even if they DO ship sooner, people who bought it super early are getting emails that the art in the picture shown previously WILL NOT be in the final product .... bummer. it's just a lil cartoon dong, no harm done. "it'll be the next Space Godzilla!!!! BUY BUY BUY!"

  3. I rarely get 10th's from Galenas, and normally just hold out for Artifact's. BUT, I did try some of the new strains. The Lembas Dough was VERY good (epbc x mimosa x crescendo). The Work was enjoyable as well (Second Breakfast x Gorilla Butter). Crescendo is ... complicated. I liked it very much, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone looking for typical Indica properties. The genetics are Chem Dawg x I-95 x Mandarin Cookies. I would recommend it to someone who was looking for something totally unique, much more of a mid-day smoke for me. Maybe it's labeled as an Indica for the huge level of Myrcene? I didn't get my hands on the Acai Mints or Eastside Gary (desperately wanted that one!)

  4. Call me a shill or fanboy but I'll take Woodward over Galenas, RC, Certified, Farkas, or Klutch any day if I'm spending that kinda dough on nug. I have not had EPBC by Galenas which seems to be consistently good though, so I can't speak for that. As of probably the last 9+ months anything I've gotten from WW has been consistently sticky, effective and aromatic. That being said, I stick to Animal Face, Grapehead, Robots, Animal Mints and Banana MAC for the most part. Animal Mints can have a somewhat muted smell sometimes but is always sticky and has at least some good odor, unlike most Ohio nug. Is my favorite strain for inducing munchies and other symptom relief so had to mention it. Purple Cake is an up-and-coming new fave of mine. For me, it has a grape aroma, was moderately sticky, gorgeous nug that had very balanced effects. Doesn't energize me per se but doesn't sedate me...just a mood enhancer. Honorable mention is Buckeye Relief because up until 5ish weeks ago, they were super consistent for me but lately, nug from them has been super dry. It does seem to respond well to a Boveda and the effects are still always good from their bud imho. I'm not saying people that like the other cultivators more are wrong, this is just my experience. I mainly look at consistency in aroma, effects, and dryness/stickiness when saying I like or don't like a cultivator. PS: I typically buy Woodward minis because they are $20 cheaper and usually have nugs the size of many other cultivators' full-size tenths.

  5. got an Ultra Freshies "mini's" that was 3 big ass nugs lmfao. They tend to go quick because of the sheer value, but I've never been disappointed with one. People are sleeping on the Sherbert this batch because it's "only" 19%.

  6. I would be SO fucking hyped to find a seed in ANY woodward! They have fire genetics.

  7. I had it once the first time it “came back” that was probably like a year ago now. I was super disappointed. It was strong. But almost no taste or smell. How does this batch smell? Sometimes Woodward knocks it out of the park and I always wonder about some of these strains that I tried once and never again.

  8. Sounds like you got the one single batch they whiffed, as I've seen others say the same thing. Animal Face is normally VERY gassy!

  9. Thanks that’s what I wanted to know. If it was like that batch from nearly two years ago then it wouldn’t just be solid or questionable. I start to miss some of the old good strains that used to be around like Woodward’s runtz or Buckeyes kings mustache. The rumor mill was saying that they were done and the mother plants died and then sure enough they disappeared from the lineups for 6 months and come back as a different phenotype.

  10. I know the exact batch you're talking about, it was my first jar to be one massive nug (other than Artifact's.) I still dream about cracking that lid for the first time! It was like a MASSIVE grape drenched in golden trich's! WW just had a drop, and Sherb is back! Along with Koala Mints (don't sleep on it!) But we only got SS mini's in my area, and it tested super low (not that that means anything.) Between Xmas and bills, I'm strapped. I'd love to see some from the new batch, but no one's posted anything thus far.

  11. I don't automatically include combo's in EVERY deck, and sometimes you can stumble into a combo without trying. But my line is normally "Anyone gonna be mad if I end the game?" Or "Does anyone have any interaction?" If it's newer players. Usually Ballista and Heliod. Like I said, im normally not trying to build a turn 4 win.

  12. Lemon Slushee and Grapehead still the Limonene kingz. Bummer the flavor isn't there, this should be a staple in the program.

  13. You picked a good one to snag a "bucket" of! LS is undoubtedly my favorite Sativa in the program, especially in Concentrate form.

  14. How TF did I JUST NOW pick up that RB is Ricky Bobby!?!? And I just learned the Woodward CV "Frosting" is Conjugal Visit #5! But I guess it's Wedding Cake × Bitch Slap

  15. What about Woodward now? What's cv frosting?... This post makes no sense needs punctuation it's confusing

  16. CV is Conjugal Visit. "Frosting" is pressed raw sugar. The post made plenty sense.

  17. I've been kicking a similar idea around as well, but my two chest panels are already done, so it wouldn't be quite so big. Fucking beautiful work man! Love the dragon cumberband-thing lmfao

  18. Reddit dropped the post yet again. I was about to meld Mishra and Dragon Engine for the win. I thought I would be clever and try to keep the Dragon Engine. For what reason, idk, haven't done the math but fairly certain I had lethal. At least it's a funny clip.

  19. Just looked into this - due to a data snafu these packs won't unlock until 4pm PST today. Sorry about that!

  20. DAMN bro, that's 7pm EST, so much for seeing what a golden pack is this afternoon.

  21. i mean i bought 4 mythic packs and 6 non mythic packs with gold and got a golden pack, kinda cool, nothing to write home about.

  22. The duplicate protection is what I'm most excited for. It seems pull rates for certain cards are almost certainly nerfed. I STILL haven't pulled a Ledger Shredder, or Raffine, and I refuse to burn wildcards.

  23. Usually that's the premium you're paying on "Notorious" Strains from Grow Ohio, like for example, SLH, and especially Layer Cake.

  24. Halves of SLH or Layer Cake are always like $10 or $15 more at my local dispo's? And the luster pods are always a bit more expensive as well. I get that in OP's situation, the Notorious pod is most likely cheaper because it's older.

  25. Give this series the first 3 books. That’s when it hits its stride. I swore I’d never read them. “I ain’t reading that kid crap” I said. Then I folded to the pressure. “They are so good, you have to read them”. People said. So I did. And I loved them. Now I re-read them every year or so. I’m in my 40’s.

  26. I agree with MOST of this, however, the 4th book, Goblet of Fire, is one of my favorites. Specifically, the 4th and 6th book are my favorites.

  27. Excuse the Instagram Interface, I was trying to get this up quickly, as a member of the community asked about my progress, and I realized that I hadn't posted any. So, I ripped these off my Artist's IG real quick and threw this post up, lol.

  28. Please make sure to credit your artist and shop- we cannot see the full shop in any of the photos. Thanks

  29. I had a whole paragraph typed out with the OG post, idk where it vanished to. hmmm. anyway! Artist - Corey Cuc. Shop - Hot Rod Tattooing in Martin's Ferry, Ohio.

  30. For me (Don't know if there's a difference pain wise between both sexes) it was very bearable. The area near the armpit was waaaaay worse. But when he was going over areola, I'm pretty sure I've met God as I've felt as though he was tattooing the nipple itself.

  31. Most likely a full suit, I'll have to cover up some stuff on my legs. I DO indeed have more recent pictures, I've been slacking. Will post sometime soon! Not sure if I can embed pictures directly on here or not. but i'll give it a shot!

  32. We literally have 7 versions of this card, 6 if you don't count the list. Why? This is barely even "anime" art. Japanese artist doesn't make it manga.

  33. No ragrets! Still Love that card, glad I pulled a non-foil, otherwise I totally would've bought a foil. As a huge castlevania fan, I'll never regret it.

  34. This batch looks pretty, I've just never had any luck with this strain. If it work's for you, fantastic!

  35. Because no one needs all of these singles, or even realistically a third of them, this is a value pickup. Even people who just want a Chrome Mox would just pay 80 bucks for that and save the other 70 for other singles they want. Most people who are price conscious enough to be talking about proxying instead are not the people who will pay Doubling Season money for 29 rares that are more like Shivan Dragon than Chrome Mox.

  36. But what if we already have doubling season? /s. I need Necropotence, and Chrome Mox. I picked up a 2xm Mox Pearl foil for 60. 3 of the cards in this Sld immediately get you a value equivalent to the cost. Not to mention foil chance, and premiums for the art (this necro will definitely cost more than the og). I havent totally given in to proxying, though I have no problem with it. Just by playing over the years and knowing people with older stuff, I've amassed a decent collection. I am both price conscious and buying this secret lair. Seems like a slam dunk to me. Plus who isn't psyched about that dope ass Siege Rhino!?

  37. Anyone know the lineage on either of these? Especially curious about the Alien Outlaw.

  38. They buy the flower they use for the “non-woodward” vapes from other growers in the state. Their homies from out west aren’t bringing their “cuts”.

  39. I definitely understand that it all has to stay within the state, and plenty of companies are buying flower from another to process into concentrates and edibles. But if you think genetics aren't being shared from other states not only through homies, but ESPECIALLY companies who are involved in multiple states, you are a fool. How do you think we have Surfr, Compound, Thugpug, or any of the other fire, HARD to get strains in our program?

  40. Not sure about either of those, but, of all places, Buckeye Botanicals, in Jackson.

  41. I'm in St.Clairsville, so the two I mentioned are my only two options. I think there's another one kinda close-ish, but it's tiny and has terrible prices/selection. Is BB new?

  42. Actually got some of these new drops in Southeast Ohio! It's rare, but I'm not complaining!

  43. Work is fucking DOPE man! how many sessions/hours in are you? I kinda hate when people ask me cuz i'm like " uhhhh, idk man, i got tattooed as often as i could for two years?" been slacking posting my progress, maybe tomorrow lmfao.

  44. Congrats on the knives and graduation! I'm envious, and nevermind the naysayer saying it's too many knives, there is no such thing! Being totally transparent, I mostly use my Gyuto for everything. But, I find myself wishing for a good Santoku, and DEFINITELY wishing for a good Petty as well, when you need surgical precision.

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