1. Tried that also, tried about 5 different app versions, nothing.... Pretty sure it stopped working when I updated the firmware to version 1.05 Not sure tho, cuz I had the LED disabled at the time... From stuff I read, it sounds like the LED is stuck in whatever color and position you had it in when you updated firmware.... Not sure, but that's what it sounds like to me.

  2. You talking about the lightstripe? Mine works fine, my friend with iOS has the same problem

  3. Latch handle is much easier to reprint in case of error so I shall start there. Where did you find the bandolier? Much appreciated.

  4. Last annoying question. I have finished my launcher but whoever designed the trigger is trying to get someone hurt. My spring is strong enough to simply push the striker through the trigger. Is that why you have the spring on yours? What kind of spring?

  5. Yes the trigger system is a complete joke... I put these springs in for the striker and a piece behind the trigger, it is a good band aid for a shitty trigger design, much safer

  6. I believe that's with copper oxide.... Get on fireworks cookbook they have all the powders you need to do anything you can imagine...

  7. Thought about chucking it in the oven for an hour or 2

  8. Yes pla+ I've always read that PLA doesn't absorb moisture very bad but mine is horrible.... And after I dry in the filament dryer it prints beautiful again.... I normally use Esun PLA plus....

  9. I just got one of mine certified and it took like three weeks because the guy was having issues with the silencer shop e-form system

  10. Yeah it’s already modeled, I downloaded it months ago from somewhere. I’d have to look on my computer once I get back to it to see for sure but I thought it was on things.

  11. Ya that would be great, I've looked up everything I could think to call it to no avail

  12. It’s only visible in the dealer’s account for a Form 4.

  13. I've experienced the same thing but not on the Hoffman lower that looks like a way over tight grip screw ...

  14. Fun until that Mac 11 firing pin gives out on you .... My DB9 pin just gave up after probably a couple hundred rnds

  15. Ya I just put that same upgraded pin in after the factory one broke as well... It looked much higher quality... I was using a milspec hammer spring

  16. I've used sunlu allot... It's fine unless it's a long flat object then it warps horribly, but most things it prints fine.

  17. Probably not..... Longer parts like that I had to do like 50% gyroid on the ends where it wanted to warp to keep it flat .

  18. Not op but look up 37mm bird bangers on YouTube there is a video on how to make them then I just assume use smaller cardboard tubes and less powder

  19. If you order directly from cmmg you should eventually get it... I waited 7 months for my dedicated bolt and 4.5" barrel.

  20. Just use the conversion bolt with a 556 barrel

  21. Undetectable firearms are a firearm that has less than 3.7 oz of steelmost 3D printed guns have more steel in it than that

  22. Wouldn't 50% gyroid be more than strong enough.... Solid infill on that whole stock is going to weigh allot

  23. So I love that you bloop for us on the regular, but can you please finish driving the hinge pin into place? You're scaring the children

  24. 😂😂😂😆😉 lol It's on the list to do today, it's getting cut short and threaded with an acorn nut on the end.

  25. I actually did do 50% gyroid in the front around the mag well, like Hoffman shows in one of his videos, its worked great so far.

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