1. Are you talking about all day every day. In the short run weed will. Since we don’t have long term studies. In the long run alcohol will, since there are proven studies that it destroys the brain. But the studies involve heavy drink, alcoholism. But again we don’t have long term studies of weed.

  2. When you go on a call for hypoglycemia and the dispatch notes saying they are conscious, alert, talking, and BGL is 55. And my partner goes so give them a sandwich. Jokes aside someone who wants their partner to strive for the best, you can look at each other and both know what to do, and they don’t act superior.

  3. And here I thought I asked for her hand because I had some weird fetish….

  4. I have experienced all of these feelings before. I was always so frustrated as an EMT because I wasn't able to do what I wanted for my patients.

  5. Oh ok. Yea it just seems like as deadlines approach, the more nerves and negative thoughts of fear are hitting. But from everyone I have talked to they all seem to say it stems from either lack of confidence but that everyone goes through it. Thanks.

  6. If you feel like you can’t take care of yourself, don’t take this major step. An increase in responsibilities and training will result in less time for you to focus on your mental health, and will make you a worse provider.

  7. Yes the mental health part is important. The whole I can’t take of myself is more hyperbolic meaning. I guess what I was trying to get across was am I just psyching myself out or do I have no confidence. Maturity level I feel like I can handle it, but am I thinking to critical of myself and resulting to negative belief in myself.

  8. It's a huge step. You're right, you're now "it" without a net. However, I do believe that if you got honest feedback there are many paramedics that still get anxious. It also depends on the system you work in. IE, County Wide FDs/EMS (in my area) will have a NRP on an EMS unit and one or more on the scene from the FD equipment and maybe an EMS Supervisor. Then the small department run EMS, like I worked at, run a unit with one EMT and one NRP. So, I was "it" on most of my calls. On occasion, I'd get a volunteer NRP to show up and help.

  9. Yea that’s true. Right now it’s one medic and one basic and fire, who may or may not be a medic. But the EMS medic is the ultimate lead, unless fire takes over because they don’t believe that the EMS medic is capable. I was interested in what others thought or having experienced this. Thanks

  10. When I was testing for my medic cert I felt similarly. Someone here reassured me that this is what FTO periods are for. A good agency will pair you with an experienced provider you can turn to when you need to bounce an idea or discuss a serious intervention. That provided some relief of my anxiety.

  11. Thanks and I have talked to other people. I have only had one person say they don’t get nervous and I was like hmmmm. From the partners I have worked with on shift and during my clinicals they have all said that I will do well. Then I worked with another person, but I’m swapping shifts, who pretty much just said that everything I did was wrong and that need to study more. So I’m not sure if that shot my confidence or what. I did have supervisor who puts it this way. By promoting do you want to force growth into the clinician/person you want to be or do you want to gradually become that clinician/person naturally.

  12. "If you're under 30 and not a liberal, you don't have a heart, but if you are over 30 and not conservative, you don't have a brain". - Winston Churchill

  13. Hahaha I feel like every married guy in that court room knows, the yes dear answer XD

  14. From everyone that I have known who has gone there was not to go there. From my understanding it is normal stuff you should have learned in AEMT if you did AEMT. But the people I have talked to said that if you need “support” in any way do not go here as well if you are not self motivating. They also said that they, as in staff, does not respond and they are bo help.

  15. I stayed for 3 and half years they were really good to me. I left because a new supervisor they hired was one of the few rare people that actually made me feel like I was being disrespected. He helped make my decision after that encounter.

  16. I would say have a good foundation on the physiology of the body and body systems. My school explained it to me like this. EMT taught you the how and the what of a disease. Medic teaches you the why and then putting everything together. So if you have a good understand long of the physiology and how the body works then it is easier to add in the pathophysiology of diseases and where the breakdown occurs

  17. I saw the difference in what equipment or procedures that can be used. But I guess to go from a PL 4 to a PL5 do you have to go through more training? But when I look at what they are capable of doing besides some procedures like you mentioned they are all skills that you learn in medic school. I guess that’s what doesn’t make sense to me. Also does a PL 5 make more than a PL 4?

  18. The credentialing levels are established and maintained by the medical director, who oversees A/TCEMS, as well as Austin Fire and several county fire departments. The PL-4 credential was created for EMT-Ps on a fire engine with no transport capabilities and is not supported operationally by A/TCEMS.

  19. Watch the actual video instead of the taken out of context clip.

  20. Not seeing LBBB but it looks like LVH. Maybe first degree? The PRI looks long? It’s hard to tell

  21. I don’t always use fentanyl, but when I do I use the non-pharmaceutical strength

  22. I can’t think of any rule it is breaking. Also Vikings are awesome

  23. Their answer: virtue signaling for their selfish wants and desires.

  24. I think this is just a dumb question. Though I do agree with everyone’s rational for testing purpose even though skills testing it’s a critical fail. I’m coming up to my paramedic test next month XD.

  25. That's how you know that Republicans are a deeply unpopular minority. If they thought they were popular, they wouldn't defend the Electoral College so fiercely. But they do, because they know that they're too unpopular to ever win without it.

  26. I don’t think that republicans are a deeply unpopular minority. You do realize that the statistics reflect the younger you are the more inclined you are to support liberal/dems but as they age they tend to switch to republican. If you want to live by mob rule there are plenty of other countries that follow that say type of ideology.

  27. Another way you can tell that Republicans are an unpopular minority: they refer to a government that respects the will of the people as "mob rule".

  28. Jokes on you I’m not a Republican XD good try though. You should actually come up with a logical answer

  29. It really depends if they are 911 and contract based or if it is IFT private. If you are public service it’s different. For example we really aren’t able to formally strike because of the potential conflict for public crisis.

  30. If there is a chance something will happen in an infinite amount of time, it will happen. Also with the first part of that paragraph it doesn’t seem like you know what natural selection/evolution means.

  31. That is not true, unless it is exposed to some type of direction from an external force. When the object in question is stimulated by the right kind of conditions then possibly something can happen, but it is not guaranteed. But with your statement that means in an infinite amount of time God could be present too. And I know what evolution is and what natural selection natural selection.

  32. Why I said hitchen’s razor is because I have nothing to defend: I do not have a religion or god to give proof of.

  33. Well what you would be defending is there is no proof. But it sounds like we are both on the same ground. So let me start by saying I do not know your back ground regarding science like biology or chemistry. Many people use evolution as a go to prove there is no God. If we look at evolution, it is a theory that may or may not be disproven because it follows the scientific process. Looking at biological evolution that a single cell organisms were created, possibly through chemical evolution, and then over so many years developed into a complex organism. Does that sound possible to you? To me that makes no logical sense due to the fact of the complexity of the organism. You as a human individual are made up of billions of cells. Some cells start to produce the same function. When this happens we for tissue like your skin. These tissue form organs. Organs then work to a specific function. And all of that together makes the organism. The complexity of life it and how it operates is so amazing that to claim it happened by random chance just makes no sense. Especially when we account for how sensitive of a process that would be. Through science we see that proteins and optimal functioning of cells are dependent on the specific environments. But then for a chemical reactions to occur require their own specific conditions. And we will add in statistics. If we look at the chemical evolution process what are the chances of all of these chemical reactions occurring with the specific conditions required, have enough energy available, molecules hitting with the right amount of force and in the correct orientation. What are the statistical chances of that occurring without creation.

  34. I was premed in my undergraduate. I got my EMT to start getting pt contacts hours. Well I spent 1.5 years trying to answer the question of why I want to be a doctor prior to graduating with my degree. In my last semester I realized that I have no reason why I wanted to hold the title of doctor. It wasn’t for money, it wasn’t for fame, it wasn’t for the ego. Through EMS and other friends or family members in the medical field that on average as a doctor you only spend 15 minutes dealing with a pt. During that last semester I realized I like teaching and helping other achieve their goals. But I did not feel like doctors were around long enough to help achieve their goals and they seemed to be more in the back ground. I also looked more into how med school residency is and did not like it. That’s when I took a step back and realized I really enjoyed EMS. So I stayed. You take the good and bad like there are with any job. I have had plenty of people to get out while I still can. It is normal to have a distaste for the healthcare system but what you do with that distaste is what matters.

  35. I dont know why people are downvoting you. So it depends on the therapy you are working in. From one comment you made about being in MBT it sounds like the goal of that therapy is not necessarily focusing on what happened in the past. But more of how do you recover from it. Which potentially sounds counter intuitive because to recover from something you would need to understand what happened. But from the model it sounds like, and what I think, is that when you focus so much on the past it is easy to become depressed and stuck on those thoughts making recovering from them harder especially if you have certain mental health problems. It sounds like they do the surface level past understanding and then develop on forward thinking to be in the present. You can’t change the past you can only affect the present, but if you focus to much in the past you can get stuck there. It sounds like an interesting model. For why you have a National MBT focus I don’t know why, as a therapist should be able to practice different therapeutic models but I’m not from there. But like I said earlier it may be the appropriate therapeutic choice for what you are seeking care for.

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