This Man's Encounter With A Bald Eagle

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Haha it’s like the Bible. “He might have said that, but not literally! It’s in code”

  2. I went to an 8 kegger at fellowship hall back in high school. Blacked out. Not a pretty sight. Couldn’t eat ketchup for 6 months without getting sick. Last thing I remember was drinking a Bloody Mary and someone said “the cops are here!!!”

  3. Jesus, give that shit out for free ffs. If people need to steel them, better than a bunch of unwanted babies in the world.

  4. This man is horrible and a nightmare as a father. Add in the killer's GOP congressman grandfather, Voepel, who compared the Jan 6th Capitol attack to the Civil War and you have violent influences. The father even told his son to use violence "because it works".

  5. Maybe I missed it, but based on your MPG I’m going to assume you have the hybrid?

  6. I would love to be getting 40 mpg. I’m in a Telluride, more like 17 in city. As much as 24 on long highway trips though. 🤷‍♂️

  7. Would be cool if the front screen matched the cloud cover

  8. Honestly all cars should use this, and it should be bigger AND play movies.

  9. I’m going to down vote this. You have to stop with the dumbassery.

  10. The comment about baking makes me think that they aren't doing real time raytracing they will just be creating environments with raytraced elements already rendered (like say the light cast by a sun)

  11. I would think that any environment might have baked in elements. The decision on what to bake, and what not to bake, is based on the most minimum and the maximum power of the hardware involved.

  12. 100%. And I guarantee you they will require your ass to come into the office three days a week Tuesday through Thursday.

  13. US education tends to portray Japan as a victim in WWII by concentrating on the two nuclear bombs dropped on them by the USA. Those who lived through all the atrocities that Imperial Japan performed on occupied lands believe two nukes weren't enough. The way the Japanese people supported Imperial Japan then has its parallels with how the Russian people support Putin now.

  14. I bet that dash is much easier to clean :-)

  15. How many bumper stickers does it take to contradict yourself?

  16. First mobile phone with OLED display is almost 20 years old, that technology came to 4K+ tvs, what the f*** are they waiting for, put it in headset!

  17. I didn’t come here to do work. I came here to read.

  18. A lot of Wolf gray sightings lately. Just yesterday I’m driving home and another wolf grey pulls up next to me, waves (I’m also in a wolf grey). I get home and my wife sends me a picture of someone picking up the kids from school in another Wolf gray.

  19. Being a manager, I would say that’s actually not true at all. If you don’t say shit, you will never get shit. You will just be passed over time and time again. The old saying is true, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

  20. Honestly, I wanted to use less and closer to the house but no one will read the tombstones.

  21. That’s AMAZING! Nice work! What do you use for your lighting?

  22. I picked up a variety of solar powered Spot Lights from Lowes bought on Amazon various color gels, cut them to a circle shape and unscrew the lens cap on each spotlight and place them over the lens to change the color.


  24. They are not selling your data, they are using it to target ads to you. I don’t see why that is a bad thing. You are going to get ads everywhere on the internet, might as well have them for things you actually want/need.

  25. What do you think selling ads is doing? Who do you think buys the ads? How do you think the ads target their audience? I mean let’s take you for instance, whatever data points allowed you to form your opinion likely were gathered from information that was put out there by Meta, or influencers, and allowed you to form your opinion. It wasn’t done in a vacuum. Here you are backing them supporting them. It worked!

  26. Man, great job, but I’d knock out that hood though. Take it from a designer.

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