1. It looks amazing! Did you do it yourself?

  2. I tend to dress quite conservatively in dark colors but I always have on very interesting and often quite colorful shoes.

  3. You look "stop scrolling" gorgeous. Love your curls and your eye look. ❤️

  4. Lord Of The Rings. Tried 4 times. It always makes me fall asleep.

  5. I feel you. I love fantasy fiction and magic but I couldn't get myself to watch LOTR without falling asleep. Finally made it to the end and swore to myself to never watch it again.

  6. Daybreak, It was a victim of poor promotion by netflix and it got canceled at a cliffhanger

  7. 3 idiots, I don't know why but this movie was the 1st that made me cry

  8. I use a gel while styling my curls and when it's time for a hair wash, I apply oil on the same hair, without washing it first. Works for me!

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