1. "No. Hell no, man. I believe you'd get your ass kicked saying something like that."

  2. Sad part is - he's always been this great, and if Trips wasn't in charge, nobody would have known.

  3. he be on the first round of lets go, due to vince budget cuts when he take over once again

  4. I agree. I've been running Preservationnon my guns with Gunner for that bit of survivability but I may switch the talent to N'Sync. The turret and drone don't damage much but they do distract. With NSync I can get a weapon damage buff and clean shop while they are both deployed. It would shred. My Police UMP-45 already hits for 150 DMG, 175 CD, 60 CC. With that Weapon buff it should melt them before they can down me if I play it right.

  5. I run it with Technician for the laser sight and Flatline on my weapons.

  6. I definitely have a lot to learn. Wouldn't mind trying technician with flatline even though I'd hate to give up that armor on kill.

  7. There are guys like Miz, Dolph, Chad Gable who are supposed to promote (or whatever it's called) newcomers like Logan. Seth however should be main eventing PPVs and defending World title. Why some guys like KO, who I respect a lot, get a chance after chance to win the title and Seth, who has unfinished business with Roman Reigns, "jobbed" Cody 0:3 and now potentially Logan Paul. (I hope you understand what I mean, English is not my native language)

  8. It kinda hurts to see how they've been using Seth for the last 2 years but okay. I guess I don't understand some things in this business

  9. If Cody went 3-0 against Miz no one would care about Cody. Seth is an established star. Him losing to Cody doesn't hurt him.

  10. I think to be fair to everyone, he did himself dirty with this getup ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. I didn't assume anything, i set the parameters in a hypothetical.

  12. You assumed based on the context without figuring anything out for yourself.

  13. The last I saw Kofi he was dead - smashed onto a chair in front of the desk, looking lifeless

  14. Before I played the video I saw black and yellow and though it was Logan Paul.

  15. It's always been like this. The difference is when we were younger we didn't care about booking.

  16. This was a miss for me. I appreciate the means of creativity but this didn't work for wrestling

  17. Hiring budgets are bigger than retention budgets. Ask, but know that if you want more money, you should already be interviewing.

  18. I listen to every episode of both of Corny's shows. The only criticism I have really is the way he'll either use a semi-racist slur for the Japanese wrestler's names or automatically shit on women who wrestle because they're "the girls". But, it is what it is there, I guess.

  19. I can see that - I was a huge ECW and WWF fan and I know some people who didn't like ECW or WWF at all. It's a weird dichotomy for sure - I'm sure Corny wasn't crazy about ECW but it brought me guys like RVD, and was my first exposure to Terry Smothers and Shane Douglas.

  20. Three burgers, extra cheese, extra mayo, extra onions motherFUCKER!!

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