1. What if they came together and elected a German-Roman King, just for the sake of it

  2. Istj libright. Most tests say I should be in the blue square but I like it down here.

  3. Pure name changes are not allowed, you need to change something else additionally

  4. My brother, masks will be upon everybody if they like it or not

  5. At least you don't act like you're entitled to anything, you merely see it as a conflict of interest and I can respect that

  6. Either that or he hated women and wanted to make sure he wasn't one of them

  7. I think that we as a society should treat women either just like men or like children, pick one, don't half ass things

  8. They can if we go for the first option, that would mean that women have all the negative rights men have, but also that they wouldn't get any special treatment. So, no handouts for mothers, no alimony, shared custody, draft for women (preferably no draft for anyone) etc.

  9. No bigot, you're not invincible, the booster doesn't work as long as everybody has it

  10. I wonder what an auth centre like me would look like? A combination or something new and cursed?

  11. You left the part you wanted to cut out and cut out the part you wanted to leave in the libertarian half

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