1. I googled them. They do outright sell psychedelics. You can see pictures of their menu and packaged product.

  2. Every illegal gun starts as a legal gun and if you make it essentially impossible to buy and own guns and ammunition in the state you can raise the cost of acquiring firearms and make it easier for police to catch people acquiring illegal guns

  3. I just copy/pasted a table that I originally created early in the year (back in Jan I think). Inflation has obviously increased since then.

  4. I am opposed to this. If the eviction is illegally filed, doesn’t the landlord end up paying the legal fees anyway? And if it is legally filed, paid-for legal defense doesn’t solve the reason it was filed in the first place. I don’t want my taxes going to someone who isn’t following their lease. Or am I misunderstanding something?

  5. I live in Portland and go to Seattle frequently for work. The two cities share a lot of the same problems.

  6. The trade deadline is the most logical exit strategy for Kane and Toews. It’s gonna fucking kill me to see them leave though, they’ve been faces of the franchise for literally the last 15 years.

  7. They can always re-sign in the off-season if they want to finish out their careers in Chicago.


  9. lol ok buddy so you like it when cops shoot people just not when other people shoot people i got it thank you for the cornfirmation of what i stated earlier i really couldnt have asked for a better example of the double standard i was describing

  10. Excited for all you to go back from whence you came so we can return this city to it's former glory. Let me know what I can do to help!

  11. Every time I visit my grandparents in the Detroit suburbs, I get to see what it looks like when the tax base deserts a city en masse. I don’t think you have any understanding of what you’re asking for.

  12. I think Tartuca should have made the list. Delicious Italian food with gluten-free options on Mississippi.

  13. If you're poor and charged with a crime, you have >90% chance of being convicted either at trial or through a plea deal. If public defenders stop showing up to work, their rate of successful defenses rises to 100%!

  14. Public Defenders should be funded just as well as the prosecutors. Not just salary but office space and supplies, funding for investigators, etc. Stop making them work for scraps with immense case loads and maybe we'd have enough PDs to cover all the cases.

  15. I tried to find info about how much public defenders get paid here, and I’m seeing wildly conflicting numbers.

  16. Kirby Dach has 15 pts. in 17 games for Montreal, Dylan Strome has 15 pts. in 19 games for Washington, and Alex Debrincat has 14 pts. in 16 games for Ottawa. Add in Kubalik's 20 in 17 games for Detroit and that's a whole lot of relatively young offense that Chicago cast off. Debrincat's success was expected but the rest were bigger question marks.

  17. Strome was streaky in Chicago. He’d have stretches of point-per-game play, and other stretches where he was totally invisible. He’s always had the potential to be very productive, but struggled with consistency.

  18. You literally can't, because the state doesn't have any of the mechanisms in place to allow you to do that, and have provided no estimate of when they might have that system up and running.

  19. Mike Bloomberg, Nick Hanauer, And the rest of America’s “elite” hate the idea of average citizens having firearms equivalent to their armed escorts. Can’t keep stomping on the common folk if they have any tools to rebel. Wait no, it’s actually think of the children! That must be it. Last year more people died from a rupture in their rectum after the insertion of a foreign object than were killed with a semi-auto rifle and I’m made to believe this is some massive epidemic? Please.

  20. He likely said "him" and they wanted to let the reader know who he's talking about.

  21. I think you’re right. The verbatim quote definitely would have confused readers, since we all know that Justin Fields is HIM.

  22. My personal perspective on this is that it's an odd choice for a ballot measure voted on by their neighbors. It's one thing to go against something that the legislature voted on and having the response of "I didn't vote for them, so I won't do what they say." But in this case, the same people who vote for sheriff's positions also voted for this measure.

  23. The person you’re replying to is a police officer in Portland. They know more than you do about this specific topic.

  24. Their website does make it sound like the only way to request PSR is by calling 911. I really wish they would update it to be clearer, since I’ve heard that 911 wait times can be pretty bad these days and we don’t need non-emergency calls adding more traffic.

  25. You’d think that Patterson ought to get more than 6 touches, but what do I know?

  26. I honestly wasn’t sure how that’d get called. He started holding him outside the endzone, but it looked like the hold continued across the goal line.


  28. How soon they forget. Oct 1 2015 Umpqua community college 9 killed and 8 injured in the county next door in a mass shooting. The people are sick of school shootings and demand action. Sheriff Duncan should be removed, step down or be voted out if unable to enact the will of the people as expressed in a fair and legal election. Sherrif is not above the law and is also subject to the law of the land as prescribed by the will of the people. Since 2014Oregon has suffered from 22 mass shootings 14 from dec 31 2020 to Oct 15th 2022 How many more must die? When Sherrif Duncan's family or friends are involved maybe she will think differently.

  29. Why are there so many bootlickers here? How many of you are actually from Oregon?

  30. I hope the bears keep Getsy and get Fields another weapon. I really want him to have success.

  31. Seriously. I’ve been watching the Bears for ~25 years and the 2013 season was the only time I’ve ever got to see a fun, explosive offense. They’ve got a ton of cap space and will likely be drafting somewhere in the 8-12 range. Hopefully they can add some key pieces at WR and OL to help Fields succeed. It would also be huge if Kmet continues to show improvement.

  32. If Justin Fields keeps up his recent performance for the rest of the season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Luke Getsy get some interviews.

  33. I don’t love the idea of having this guy in the NFC North. I feel like every time I watched a Raiders game I would notice him headhunting like a reckless moron. He seems to hurt his own teammates as often as he hurts opponents.

  34. I heard Jacobs did that to her and he spent the night in custody

  35. Not nearly as deceptive as their YouTube ads I kept getting that said “Measure 114 closes the background check loophole”

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