1. Your comment is so rude… I hope OP doesn’t take their words in mind. Everybody fails, just on different moments of life. We face challenge and we work to overcome it. That’s a natural process in Waterloo engineering. OP is far much capable than what you are blabbering.

  2. Do 5/6 old Math 117 finals AT LEAST. These will help you IMMENSELY! Got like 60/70s on the final because of it. Also skim through the text book, IF YOU HAVE TIME OTHERWISE JUST FOCUS ON PAST FINALS, sometimes Harmsworth will put a question from an obscure topic from the textbook, assuming you still have him/his textbook

  3. I’m pretty sure MATH 117 coordinator changed this year. That’s why the midterm mark was disastrous.

  4. if midterm was hard then final will be easy, if midterm was easy then final will be hard this is what i noticed in first year ece

  5. I heard the avg was really high, what was it?

  6. When I took 105, I swear I only got 40% of the marks, but finished the course with a 73% because of the curve. Fucking stupid course

  7. I heard they don’t curve after intentional midterm bombing incident…

  8. In the name of Bell Curve, we trust… this should be uni slogan

  9. Did the Bell Curve disappear? Marks are no longer normalized? Like one guy told his buddy as they ran away from the hungry bear, “I don’t need to run faster than the bear, I just need to be faster than YOU!” … sorry, a bit of gallows humour.

  10. Thank you I’m just spending quite hard time adjusting myself in the university. It’s totally different from what I expected - lots of friends, lots of fun, lots of learnings… when in rl I’m sobbing under the blanket worrying about what will come to eat me raw tmrw. But as you said, I’ll get through it somehow!

  11. First year was pretty wild, it's a time for growth since it's many people's first time living alone.

  12. Thank your for sharing your experience. Do you mind briefly introducing me about classical mechanics? I just had a tiny taste of quantum mechanics in high school chemistry (which is yucky flavour), and I'm curious if they're similar or if one is harder than the other.

  13. Initially, first year seems difficult as you're adjusting from HS to uni, but looking back at it, 1A was a complete joke lmao, and 1B wasn't that bad either since the courses start to become more interesting and as I mentioned before, you become adjusted to uni. Currently in 2B tho, and I'd say it's the hardest term so far for me, as the labs become way more involved and harder compared to previous terms, and take up so much of your time, but I guess that's not a worry for you right now.

  14. Thanks for the advice. Good luck in your 2B term, I’m sure that you’re gonna steal the show!

  15. Thank you for the kind reply. To be honest, covid got all of current grade 12s slacking off quite a bit between grade 10-11 year. My teacher felt that problem when he physically met the students (including myself sadly), so that’s probably why he told the class to work ten times harder in university, which scares me a lot. I appreciate the tip by the way. Your post led me to a thought that I need to work hard this summer to make my resumé as perfect as yours!

  16. Basically ECE sucks balls compared to other programs. Some of the profs are the best in the world, others make you wish you attended Ryerson TMU.

  17. Yeah I'm in ce and the same thing happened to me. I chose uwp because I heard nightmare stories about CMH

  18. Nightmare stories? I’m curious. Can you tell me about them briefly? I don’t wanna see ghosts in my residence 😭

  19. Sorry for the late reply but I heard parties happen almost every school night because there's nowhere else to go on campus. I saw a redditor say he once left his door unlocked and went to sleep and upper years came and poured burning hot water on his back. I'm not sure how real that story is but that's an immediate no for me

  20. Thanks for the reply. That’s scary! Hope that story isn’t true…

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