1. I went soft during sex and she was convinced that there was something medically wl wrong with her vagina.

  2. Entitlement. People expect to get their way all the time, and when they don't they insist its wrongdoing on someone's part, and usually end up taking it out on someone completely undeserving.


  4. I actually lost my virginity in my mom's car.

  5. Okay but I thought that version was better, actually. Am I the only one?

  6. yes. all the stats are variables instead of static numbers. so why would the class also be static?

  7. You could also have certain weapons (aka classes) that have very high (or inconsistent) competency stats. So maybe you get the flamethrower, and it DOES do a lot of damage. BUT it has about a 50/50 chance of burning your own instead of the enemy.

  8. oh yes ofcourse the weapon stats differ based on what level they are. how damaged the weapon is. and the type of ammo they use. and their class and proficiency

  9. Well yes, normal stats. But also something unreasonable to add to the difficulty and humor. Something of a random, chaotic chance.

  10. "I don't even know why it bothers me so much, but it does."

  11. I'd have to go with Pregnant Paws (S3E4), Revenge of the Lutefisk (S3E21), and Won't You Pimai Neighbor (S4E18).


  13. Not in the face, that's how I makes mah livins!

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