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  • By - -Xoz-

  1. Came to say this. These petty arguments don't help your relationship last.

  2. Whenever there's a chore that me and my partner both don't want to do or we forget whose turn it is, we... do it together. That way it gets done, it's nobody's fault, and neither of us feel contempt at the other one for not doing the task. If you have to be miserable, it's better to be miserable together.

  3. This is the opposite of trashy. This is a healthy sense of humor surrounding responsible life choices. Lighten up.

  4. Reddit can't handle women making controversial jokes on the internet

  5. Reading these comments feels like taking a shot of the splashover liquor in the rubber bar mat at the end of your shift

  6. I think it would've cheapened Tsubomi's character if she'd reciprocated, as well as the overall message of the show. Your life is your own, you're not special by virtue of your birth or things outside of your control, and that includes things not always going your way (i.e. being rejected by a crush). Her accepting his feelings solely because of his devotion, despite next to no interaction between them throughout the course of the show, would've stomped on the "you're only the main character of your own life" moral that's been touted since the first episode. Imho, the rejection is WAY more narratively satisfying and puts the icing on the mwah chef's kiss that is this masterpiece of a story that ONE gave us.

  7. Is that in north east Ohio? Cause there's one near me just like that!

  8. Yoo! Is this near Cleveland by chance? If so, I think I’ve been there recently. Unless this is maybe a chain deal we’ll all their locations have them.

  9. Well, my wife would be pissed for a couple of reasons

  10. First being that your knees are shot and she doesn't want to take you to the chiropractor again

  11. Smoking. What the fuck was I even thinking????

  12. I was a heavy cigar smoker in college (worked with a bunch of old Greek dudes, comes with the territory) and I have to agree. Constantly smelled like smoke, my breath smelled like ass... my partner never wanted to kiss me. 2/10 only good for the social aspect

  13. I'm a hospice worker. The thought of being dead in and of itself isn't scary, it's being in pain for the journey.

  14. Just attach Julio and Narve is a fucking monster

  15. Spark AOE damage doesn't do shit, but it feels cool to do

  16. Congrats! I go for my consult in a couple weeks. Can I ask what your post op recovery was like?

  17. It was incredibly smooth! I had abdominal pain and bleeding for maybe 2 days afterwards and was laid up for about that long. I was back on my feet and resuming normal activities about a week post-op. It was a seamless recovery!

  18. A "found family" of fellow queer people! Although I'd argue that straight/cis people with shitty families can have their own lavender families, too. I have a good number of cis straight folk in mine 😊

  19. Time to call in a welfare check to the local cops… F around being an attention seeking drama Queen, and find out! She will have plenty of attention during her 72hr hold!

  20. Lol I actually did call the cops on her when I was 19! She called me saying she was going to kill herself, so I was like "ok, I'm calling the police." Called the police station in my hometown, called my dad and told him, and turned off my phone. She didn't talk to me for a month.

  21. Does anyone have good recommendations for high quality running shoes? I've used Nikes over the years (anywhere frlm $70-120 a pair), but I'm finding that I blow through a pair in one outdoor running season easily. Getting sick of having to buy new trainers every 4-5 months, lol.

  22. How many miles are you running a month. Most running shoes will only last between 300 and 600 miles depending on the runner.

  23. It's hard because despite the way he treats you, you love him. You've been with him during your most formative years, he's an adult man who said that he loved you and gave you some semblance of stability. OP, it's more than okay to acknowledge that even though he hurts you, you still care for him.

  24. The composition and lighting of this photo is amazing!

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