1. Ratchet and Clank getting a million bolts on the hover board track

  2. Ghosts was my first Cod and it's pretty good. I don't even understand why it's so underrated.

  3. I think because Black Ops II was nearly perfect and hard to follow. I never played ghosts till about 4 years late as I went to College but I think Extinction was the best thing COD has ever done and the campaign was cool. Can’t say for the multiplayer as I only got to play with bots.

  4. Young BasedGod on the field playing rugby (Mmm, mmm, shit) College sports BasedGod (Goal), I'ma need some bitches (Congratulations) I got a injury (Great), but I’m still startin' (Yes) I got drafted for a hunnid million (BasedGod), I’m fucking BasedGod (BasedGod)

  5. You still play? I'm down to squad up, I made a group of Extinction players on PlayStation, let me know!

  6. Ya. I should be playing more because I just bought my Cousin the game

  7. Infinite: Open Mic - Slim Shady LP: If I Had - MMLP: Drug Ballad - Eminem Show: Say What U Say - Encore: Rain Man - Curtain Call: Renegade - Straight From The Lab: Monkey See Monkey Do - Straight From The Vault: Wee Wee - Relapse: Old Times Sake - Recovery: Won’t Back Down - MMLP2: Bezerk - Haven’t listened to the others really.

  8. Just tryna buy me some time then I remembered this magic trick Duh-dah-duh-dah-duh-duh! Go-go gadget dick!

  9. Origins. I’ve never had fun on that map and don’t see why people idolize it.

  10. Yup. DMZ is amazing and Warzone 2 is cool. Love the backpack and normal movements. Looking forward to see what they do to resurgence.

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