1. The payment due date for the T3 would be the same as the filing due date.

  2. I'm not sure but wouldn't you have trouble selling the condo later if it has no parking spot?

  3. The condo without a parking spot will always be worth less than a condo with a parking spot. There’s no “legal” trouble as a parking spot has a separate title deed as well as a locker would have and the actual condo unit. The owner has a legal right to do what they wish with each

  4. A badge for being the most active shaker on your shake squad Anniversary badge Shake streak badges @browneja

  5. A badge for having the most transactions on your shake squad / top contributor to your shake squad

  6. Using the Brave (Google based) browser, Enabling Multi-factor authentication whether by SMS/Authenticator app/phone call, triple check the email domain name (most of these default go my spam folder anyway, so turn on spam folder if not yet turned on)

  7. Yeah, $70 per year for 3 months then $40/ year, right?

  8. Similar to how you don't receive your cashback reward until after the transaction settles, you won't receive ShakeSquad sats until that purchase moves from pending to settled.

  9. Paying tuition with the Shakepay card would have been incredible.

  10. Hey there! Make sure your app is updated to its latest version 1.9.33! If you can't update it from your App Store, try to simply delete the app and reinstall it. If this doesn't work, don't hesitate to PM me your Shaketag and we'll investigate together!

  11. A lot of the Shakepay support on reddit/in-app mention updating the app. The issue I had (and potentially others) don't see any update in the app due to a software update issue (ios). I had to first update my phone in order to see the Shakepay app update in the appstore.

  12. You need to update your app! Make sure you're on version 1.9.33 to see the proper 8% displayed.

  13. This right here. I didn't see any update in the app store until I found the issue was that I had a software update. Then boom, 8%

  14. Users just need to update the app (if they don't see the update for the app in the app store, then they need to update their phone - I'm using ios and saw there was a software update, and only then could I update the app)

  15. It was… I was in 500th place but for some reason I’m in the lowest tier…? I guess they didn’t allocate too much for the higher tiers

  16. I was in 3rd place and I'm at 4% APR lol. So, unless the 1st tier is 1st place waitlist position and the 2nd tier is 2nd place waitlist position and 3rd tier was eliminated, there has to be some mistake. I messaged support on the app. Let's see where this goes

  17. Everyone in the Top 1,000 earns 8% 🎉 Please make sure you're on the latest version of the app (1.9.33) to see this properly displayed.

  18. I couldn't see the update for the Shakepay app in the appstore until I went to install the software update on my phone. 8% right away after phone update, then shakepay app update

  19. Both Ree52 and musecorn are correct in their explanations.

  20. How do you invite that many people? I can't even find people that are interested in crypto, let alone anyone who has Shakepay and don't know about "earn".

  21. Part of it is having good salesmanship skills to actually get an invite accepted from someone you know in real life.

  22. So in effect, what Shakepay has called a ‘game’, is bordering on a free user recruitment program lol

  23. It is possible to screenshot every page of an ebook, then bulk crop those pages and assemble them into a pdf.

  24. You can tell this was done if you perform a high level zoom and the text blurs. If it doesn’t blur and continues to be sharp and doesn’t distort in any way, then it’s the real PDF from the publisher.

  25. It’s bittersweet for me. You save your own time instead of using more complicated scanners (Czur/vflat/flatbed) by using a sheet Fed desktop scanner and assuming you recycle the pages after, you begin the minimalist lifestyle instead of living in complete hoard. It was sad for me at first as well, but until I saw more floor space in my small condo, happiness slowly emerged.

  26. Use a sheet-Fed desktop scanner once you have the books cut and in individual loose pages (I.e. use a Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 or higher). It will scan duplex (double sided) at 600dpi and OCR automatically into a nice PDF file.

  27. Ok the OCR pdf scan seems to work ok, but I need some kind of pdf editor/publisher software to combine pdf files together (since I'll have to scan over a number of days/weeks). Any recommendations there? And how do I get rid of the shadows/creases, I've already used the degutter option but there are still some shadows that could be removed.

  28. Try the ClearScan 600dpi OCR option in Adobe Acrobat to get rid of those shadows and dots

  29. Perhaps ‘Clean’ might mean no annotations whatsoever (no highlights, comments, markups, etc.), especially if it’s a scan where there tend to be many annotations if the book was heavily used.

  30. Interesting, I'm surprised that selecting one folder and holding shift + clicking another folder at the same hierarchal level doesn't work. Hopefully someone can make that update

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