1. I think soo many people also want to look like they are "the smartest person in the room".

  2. 100%. And the kicker is they could prob easily nail it with both aspects if they tried (some badass action, some heart)

  3. You mean... Just like the game did 10 years ago? Impossibru! lol

  4. Haha, I’m playing 1 for the first time rn and also keeping up with the show. So the disparity between the two is extra obvious

  5. On my dog walks around my neighbourhood I have found a case and 3 left AirPods, but still no right one!

  6. I have found two cases, one matching pair of Airpods, one right AirPod, and two more left ones.

  7. Found airpod pros case and all in a parking lot shortly after they came out. Case had been run over but pods were pristine. Bought a new case off Amazon for $25 and was good to go. Still use them daily.

  8. I think they can be a little dry / humorless sometimes, but they are one of my favorite podcasts.

  9. I appreciate what you said about the hosts being serious. However, I also appreciate that they stay on task. True Crime All The Time is pretty balanced between the humor and seriousness; I used to recommend True Crime Garage until they jumped the shark with their JBR shows.

  10. You are spot on, I was being a bit lazy with my comment and should have elaborated more. If I had to choose, my ideal crime pod is something like Necronomipod, where the hosts are chill, occasionally funny, but mainly on-task telling a well-researched story.

  11. My SOT is also terrible, I am updated to 16.2 now and getting 6 hours, how are you doing now? Is it any better now? How did you solve it?

  12. Same here, around 6-8H total on 14PM. Considering taking it in but they already did diagnostics remotely and found no issues so idk. I see web tests where people ran these things for like 20 hours. That's a far cry from 8.

  13. I think he mentioned Gone to See the River Man

  14. Read the book OP. It’s brief and super entertaining. I liked the author’s other big book Full Brutal but not quite as much

  15. I think for the ones that fail they can't understand their failure bc its all woke schmoozing up there and when their game fails they're too separated from reality/ground floor to understand why and they spew isms.

  16. It’s old news now but reminds me of the website redesign for The Verge. It’s a “brutalist” eyesore now and the editors decreed anyone who critiqued it as toxic. Valid criticism is no longer welcome

  17. Since I have had bad experiences reselling them online, they become Spotify / MP3 player / browser backup machines. OG SE is awesome for runs etc.

  18. This game was better than God of War Ragnarok. More entertaining, better characters, more fun gameplay. Surprise of the year

  19. They say to use "hooked" instead of addicted but tbh this is just so insanely ableist to caught fish. /s

  20. Adding onto my previous post after finishing game. Atreus says "do better" to Kratos like a TikTok self-help star. Thor says "keep my name out of your mouth". What in the 2022 AAVE embarrassing pop culture hell

  21. If you immediately associate the term "ex" with modern highschool kids or MCU SNL skits, then you're just an outright idiot. The prefix has been around since ancient latin times, and has nothing to do with either.

  22. It's not ex being used as a prefix alone here though, as others pointed out it's (modern-ish) slang for a specific concept apart from the prefix thing. You could also argue something like "bi" is an old prefix, but referring to someone as bi is newer slang in context

  23. I just started this show on a whim and it's pretty funny so far

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