Wine 8.0 Released

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  1. It can be a few tons if you’re using the big ass heat shields. It’s honestly a lot of weight to take off and most re entries aren’t hot enough to burn through the entire ablator.

  2. I always go for really shallow reentries, so the abalator does get chewed through as I spend more time in atmosphere. I have almost gone through all my abalator on reentries from minmmus before with tiny computer landers and heat shields. And it's definitely an important risk to consider if your doing interplanetary activities and are aerocapturing on both sides.

  3. The goal would be to condense it into the visor of a helmet, having an IRL HUD would be extremely useful for navigation, aim, comms, etc.

  4. Fighter pilots already essentially already have this and it works great for them.

  5. With 1 gig of RAM and 15 gigs of storage this seems hardly worth your time or effort. Even if you manage to get it installed you're probably not going to be able to run gnome which has a great touch interface and you'll be stuck with something like XFCE or something even lighter in resources. Can't imagine the CPU being worth a crap either with specs like that. Debian can run on a potato but it doesn't always mean you should.

  6. Maybe, but I'd like it as a thin client for my network. Or maybe i'll plug it into my TV and run kodi off of it or something (it does have a HDMI port), can't be much worse then the absolutely god awful built in system that freezes on the main menu for up to 20 seconds at a time. Or treat it as an x86 raspi replacement and run pihole on it or something with a usb ethernet adapter, it's got a similar amount of power.

  7. Instead of going multiarch installer, you might go with 32 bit offline installer first, then add 64 bit multiarch support when the system is installed(sudo dpkg --add-architecture amd64 && sudo apt update)

  8. I did not know that you could do that, thats a really good idea I'll give that a try thank you :)

  9. How much no drawbacks we talkin'? Not being able to get addicted or dependent on drugs? Or just that our health doesn't get worse when doing drugs?

  10. Depends on how the years are taken away. If it's taken away from my natural lifespan average of like 90? Fuck man, take 30 for all I care. I don't wanna be old.

  11. I view this as kind of skipping x-years of work.

  12. Ps4 > HDMI to AV (NOT AV to HDMI) > rf modulator > amplifier > antenna out > tv antenna > ksp on tv. Yes i made an analog tv station

  13. I would have just overlayed a CRT like shader as they do on old emulators that simulates tv static. You went all the way, thats pretty cool.

  14. Tier 1 support doesn't know shit. They probably think Linux is some Windows program.

  15. Probably moreso they know but they have a script they need to follow.

  16. You are correct, and even if you weren't, he's being an ass.

  17. Cant overclock / undervolt on wayland without doing so hacky minimal x11 startup - coolbit 8 x-flag must be set to unlock this feature.

  18. Over/underclocking your card has nothing to do with your display server. If your overclock requires x11 hacks to get going then you have an incredibly odd setup.

  19. I've always seen fairly nuanced takes. Like even people who don't agree with its use agree that Japan was a brutal regime that wouldn't have surrendered unless facing total annihilation , and people that do admit that it caused humanity to enter an era where we could obliterate ourselves in minutes.

  20. I'm on OpenSUSE nowadays, but when my desktop was on Gentoo thats exactly what i'd do. I could even game on it as long as whatever I'm playing isn't too CPU intensive.

  21. I remember playing it for first time when it released, I didn't know there was a Listen Mode. Played the whole game with the Pulse heasdset though which evened the odds, especially with the Clickers.

  22. Tbf listen mode isnt a thing on its hardest difficulty, so they didn't intend for it to be impossible without it or anything.

  23. God I’m so glad this shit is coming to PC I haven’t had a PlayStation a day in my life and I woulda eventually just for this

  24. I'd imagine RPCS3 can probably run the last of us original.

  25. That is so damn weird though. Who cares if it's not the classic pincer grip? I know holding a pen like a toddler won't work in real life but I have seen plenty of people hold a pen with a thumb and two fingers and even up to all four fingers. When I broke my arm as a kid the cast wouldn't allow for me to hold a pencil the normal way and I had to put it in between my index and middle finger and my handwriting didn't change at all.

  26. Bows take a tremendous amount of time to fire for a trained professional, with high quality bows. The bows used by a ancient tribe would have much less accuracy and range

  27. Still fires faster then a musket when your life is on the line.

  28. What kinda armor? Cause iirc most metal armors and armors in general will get fucked by essentially a .50 cal volley plus cannons

  29. Look up ned kelly and his capture. He was a badass Australian bushranger that made makeshift armor from cast iron and it held up really well. He took dozens of shots and nothing penetrated the armor, he was only captured when one hit his leg.

  30. was planning to use it for entry level ML stuff. How would gtx1070 be? I already have it from an old prebuilt. And it has been reasonably well for my use cases in that pc.

  31. If its for machine learning, I'd much rather go with an RTX card as they have hardware intended for machine learning built in.

  32. I don't have any experiance with machine learning but the whole gimmick behind the RTX cards is that they have tensor cores which lets them run machine learning workloads like DLSS really fast

  33. Interesting. Could this lead to windows versions of 32-Bit games running better than native versions? I guess the sentiment that Wine is the only stable Linux API has some truth to it.

  34. Would I be right in thinking that it'd possibly allow 32 bit programs to use more then 3.5 gb of ram?

  35. 32 bit programs simply can't address higher than 4GB or in some cases 2GB in their virtual address space

  36. Yeah but this woulden't be a 32bit program from the hardwares perspective right? Since its running ontop of 64 bit wine, with 64 bit libraries.

  37. Stage 0 is your last stage, so most often it’ll be the stage where you’re reentering kerbin’s atmosphere. So you’ll want your parachutes on this stage. Stage 1 should be the stage that dumps everything except your heat shield so that you can survive reentry heating effects. Stage 2 is your return to kerbin stage, with low enough weight and a good isp engine, it can also be your landing stage. Stage 3 is your transfer stage, and orbit stage. You should be able to circularize your orbit, and then make your transfer with this stage. Stage 4 is your center lifting stage Stage 5 is your outer lifting stage, solid fuel boosters

  38. You definitely don't need so many stages for minmus, or even duna really. Your probably losing dv from carrying so many engines/boosters around the whole time. At least thats what I'd think anyway.

  39. I tend to do Apollo style missions, so maybe. I’m also by no means an expert. I also like packing as much as possible into my landers in terms of science parts, I don’t like making multiple trips to the same biome. So ive already got pretty heavy payloads to move.

  40. When i'm wanting to travel to other biomes on a planet I usually prefer a rover design, so I'm not carrying around heavy rocket fuel beyond what I need for ascent. I also tend to pack heaps of science into my landers.

  41. I'd recommend rather Debian 11 / Stable without any of the well-known desktop environment - it takes a little time to get comfortable, but some extendible window managers like Fluxbox/Openbox/Blackbox, i3, FVWM.

  42. Cage is meant for precisely this reason AFAIK.

  43. I feel like this could actually be possible to rig up. Make some text to speech bot that listens for your name, enters that into GPT, then have another one of those bots that can train on your voice to read whatever chatgpt outputs.

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