1. Imagine being a cop and getting called because of tummy time...

  2. Thank you. Yes I should do it sooner than later . After reading the responses to this post I am really thinking if I should even let her come. Post partum seems far more brutal than I imagined

  3. I love this scene. The way he walks away from Dwight, puts his leg up on the chair like that. I can't

  4. My JNMIL does that, too. “Oh I thought I had apologized but nothing I do is ever good enough for you.” And we just hold our boundaries and tell her no, you in fact have not apologized, and then it’s just radio silence from her. Like, lady, just admit you were wrong and apologize, it’s not that hard! But I guess for some people it is. Whatever, you know.

  5. once had an MB tell me straight up that she was very insecure and had no sense of self before she had kids, so she became a mom to give herself purpose. i had no idea what to say but after that it was very visible how much stress that dynamic put on her kids and it made me sad.

  6. "As I said before, no. And I thank you for dropping the subject, I'm trying to remain as stress free as possible for the health of the baby."

  7. We would only need 2 days/week May-Sept…is that an appealing offer? I guess it could be a summer job for someone? We’re in a college town so that helps. Just not confident we could find someone.

  8. I'm a career nanny and ever since covid I've been split between 2 families. 3 days one family, 2 days the other. I like it because I get less bored, get to have 2 sets of kiddos, and if you lose a job, you still have the other one to tide you over. So it's definitely doable. Try facebook

  9. That’s what I was thinking of doing!! I was gonna add that but I wasn’t sure.

  10. I eat something salty, or sour. Dunk my face in ice water. If it gets too bad I take my meds and try to sleep so I can reset

  11. She needs to see a doctor. You've got to lovingly convince her. It's very important for her health


  13. At first I thought grandma's gone a bit crazy over having a new baby, but wishing he had brown eyes like her? She's crazy.

  14. No they can't. Maybe MIL wishes the child had brown eyes so she could accuse the OP of cheating, LOL

  15. I'm petty af. I'd begrudgingly take her out for a bit, then call out the rest of the week bc you caught her fever. Again, I'm petty

  16. Lol I'd say I had period cramps so bad you couldn't move and as far as you know those aren't contagious. But I'm petty lol

  17. I'm plus sized. I don't like my legs in shorts, so for years I struggled wearing capris or skirts in the summer. I discovered bike shorts with a nice big tee shirt last summer and it's a game changer.

  18. What's elective surgery? Like cosmetic surgery? Or something that she needed but it wasn't life threatening?

  19. I've worked for multiple families that have done construction. None of this is ok. Imagine if you were the homeowner/ sahm ? All the construction workers I've worked with in the past were gentlemen that were kind to me and the kids, and even helped me with my car once or twice. You need to say something to someone. This is crazy, we aren't in 1962 anymore

  20. This all feels extremely unacceptable. What the hell. I'd either let them have it or I'd tell MB you're moving I to their bedroom until they're gone. That's absolutely ridiculous.

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