Iranian women supporting each other for breaking the mandatory hijab law

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  1. How easily you Persians get conned by your enemies repeatedly is amazing. Might want to learn about 1953 and how you sold out Iran for $60k suckers.

  2. You could literally fill this whole sub with Islamic architecture, it’s all so beautiful and mathematical

  3. i would hate islam too if i lived in a shia “theocracy” like iran too lmao

  4. In the US, the Salem witch trials started to unravel when powerful women started to be accused.

  5. Taraneh Alidoosti maybe, she's our most popular actress and she joined the protests a few days ago

  6. Several of those guys are older than Nadal though

  7. i am a Muslim, i'm not a misogynistic barbarian, i exist.

  8. I'm making a comment about the Saudis

  9. I asked you a simple question, what's your opinion on the players that played in the Tel-Aviv open? Are you ok with them taking the blood money appearance fees and draw the line specifically to Saudi Arabia? Fuck Zverev and Medvedev for playing in Saudi Arabia but not Djokovic, Thiem, ... For playing in the Tel-Aviv open?

  10. Nadal looks like he grew two inches from photo 1 to 3...?

  11. As 25 year old virgin boy in iran i must say the 10% rich guys have the monopoly on "hot" women like anywhere else

  12. Not surprising from the greatest number 2 in history (not a diss, meant in terms of ranking)

  13. I was thinking of replacing "my girl" in your joke with someone else related to Rune, but I prefer not to.

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