1. Not the first time you’ve heard it, but the last time you’ll hear it. People have a tendency to underestimate the mental health problems faced by people who self harm and some individuals who self harm actually have analgesia (an absence of the experience of pain). Most people you think as ‘safe’ might turn out to be judgmental or might even say things because they feel they’re tired of ‘dealing’ with you. But that doesn’t mean you should stop venting. In the process to getting better, venting is always an important step.

  2. Me being as fat as a narwhal on a binge diet

  3. I literally watched this scene 2 seconds ago… like literally 2 seconds… and it’s not wholesome at all! Like bro seriously?

  4. Have a deep thought about why you self harm. Analyse it yourself. And I’m talking about looking at it with asking yourself tough questions, face your true self. Then you’ll get the answer.

  5. Not guetting in art school can make things the other way around

  6. Make him wear a pink shirt and tie him up with pink ropes next to plushies. Use a cross made of dildos, a woman’s breast milk instead of holy water and chant the book ‘we all should be feminists’. If you’re a female, try not to cry while he calls you ‘bad stuff’, that empowers the demon. If you’re a man, try not to feel bad about your body. Make the demon listen to ‘beta males’ for 40 hours straight, shoot him with a squirt gun if he sleeps in between. This is the only procedure I have discovered that gets that demon out. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. May the Lady be with you. 😤🏳️‍⚧️

  7. Wayne Rigsby, is the best Rigsby! Cause have you seen the other Rigsby?

  8. This is the plushiest most opulent robe I’ve had the pleasure of wearing!

  9. “I feel like an Angel baby swaddled in a cocoon of cloud candy.” 🥰😁

  10. Bruton Gaster had one astronaut pick up line, and they’re trying to steal it from him

  11. I think I did but now I don’t think so. Suddenly got erased from my head.

  12. When will they ever understand that pills aren’t a 100% guarantee? Like truly understand how unsafe it actually is. You see 97-99 percent as a very small number. But think of it this way, for every 100 times you have sex and cum in her, she gets pregnant in a random one. Besides you never know what bacterial/fungal infections you can have (if not STD’s). Wear a condom.

  13. Nope, not at all!, I do clean my hands, but nothing more.


  15. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be NGL

  16. Tell them the truth, be honest. Honestly tell his family the truth about him too.

  17. Oh my gawwwwwwd!!! You’re so so lucky!!!

  18. Okay, first of all, stop referring to it as ‘warning’. You should inform him that that’s a thing you do, yes. But you don’t need to ‘warn’ him since it’s nothing to be warned about.

  19. This post makes me weary. Like my boyfriend made a ‘friend’ on Reddit. He has sexted a girl before on reddit, but he’s always been honest about his life to me (including sexting other girls and more). However, after reading this post I wonder if this woman in his life is actually a ‘friend’ or is something else going on. By what he’s told me, she’s married so I ‘don’t need to worry’. But I wouldn’t lie, I am pretty worried.

  20. The way she approaches everything is truly amazing. She acts like a true leader, being very gentle to push her subordinates to excellence.

  21. That's what I loved about her. She has a good energy, compartmentalize adequately and she will put the work before her feeling. Plus, she backs her team in front of others and reprimand in private. And that's a true leader

  22. And like she has that amazing sense of humour! Like seriously, truly so brilliant. She evolves from a boss to a friend and that’s so cool!

  23. Oh man haha, honestly in a weird way this suggestion made me realize at my core I don’t WANT to get over this kink/desire lol. Because I could probably try what you said and it might work but I would secretly be sad that I no longer felt this level of being into something.

  24. Exactly. That’s therapy baby. Now PayPal me 500$ plus taxes.

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