1. This sub is literally the biggest dick swinging competition. Can’t imagine having to work with some of the people here who are so toxic

  2. If you cannot get a page to rank first page within a niche that doesnt have competition on SEO, maybe its you who needs to revise their expertise, not me.

  3. Why wouldnt I offer a refund if I know for a fact I’m going to rank a business on first page? You do realize this is niche specific? Jesus, please dont charge people money if thats your level of expertise

  4. You would because you want to make money off of bad business practices? We all know people who do this. Don’t act like it’s a new concept. You’re missing the point by a mile. You keep trying to defend yourself when no one’s even talking about SEO anymore.

  5. React requires strict team guidelines on how you structure your project. It’s a feature of react that it’s a very lightweight library.

  6. Yeah I know my company picked Vue over React for that same reason. If you don’t have dedicated FE devs who care about the ecosystem don’t pick React impo.

  7. What? Vue is also light weight like React.

  8. Was mostly talking about the first sentence. I found if it’s mostly FS or BE devs writing your React code you’re gonna have a baaaaaad time and React might not be the best pick.

  9. If you’re on V41 on Quest, it could be this

  10. This fixed it for me, spent days trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Thank you!

  11. Try Square, they’re working on a ecom SDK. Functional but still got a ways to go, but Square’s support is phenomenal. Everyone who uses them loves them.

  12. Depends on what you’re using it for, like every technical choice. I feel like people imagine using TS for things it’s not designed for like low level systems work or try to write 2002 era JS and figure it has to be the language. JS is pretty bad tho but only for the lack of types. TS is the way to go.

  13. started using clerk just recently. if you don’t mind a hosted auth solution it’s one of the best SaaS companies I’ve seen. setup was insanely fast

  14. I’m curious, what benefits does lambda+sqs bring over scheduling a batch job in Fargate using EventBridge? I’m guessing we both did the same thing and saved the PDF in S3 then updated the DB with its CloudFront url, but the lambda+sqs approach seems interesting.

  15. More familiar technologies probably. Working with Lambda and SQS is super easy.

  16. Create Blog section and start pushing content there and then you can redirect users to home page.

  17. Still happening in CO. Thank you for having this thread going. Mine says (to make it searchable) "B.C.S. is not a government agency..."

  18. Good I just did the Square interview and almost certain I passed. I’m so fucking excited

  19. Honestly if your client demands it be the first result, that’s a red flag to me of an uneducated client. Nobody can promise that. You can do everything right and still not achieve it.

  20. people spends tens of millions to be competitive in search engine rankings.

  21. Ah yes, another one of those “I don’t know how to make a product and don’t have any money so I want somebody else to take all the risk and put in all the technical effort so I can reap all the rewards” posts.

  22. Yeah unless OP has connections, a lot of capital, and is an amazing marketer/product the engineer will be doing 80% of the work and is better off going alone if they have the slightest bit of startup skills.

  23. For me it’s the opposite. Failed every FE interview for competitive companies but the phone screens and onsites for backend roles were easier. I’m also a FE dev.

  24. This is pretty much the same exact way I do it. I don’t think so sadly

  25. Damn! If only I saw this post last week. I got some basic questions too today and because I was neck deep in graphs and DP prep, my brain just crashed.

  26. Given a string or series of strings manipulate it to the desired output. Like given a string with special characters marking a key- replace that key with a value. That’s just one example

  27. Hey there peekpapo! If you agree with someone else's comment, please leave an upvote instead of commenting "This"! By upvoting instead, the original comment will be pushed to the top and be more visible to others, which is even better! Thanks! :)

  28. I couldn't give two fucks about the bun/deno/node drama, but the hubris demonstrated here is astounding. Please consider the following alternative titles:

  29. Can we tone down on the bootcamp grad hate and instead just hate the shitty boot camps themselves that trick people or don’t teach anything?

  30. You’re in the wrong burbs. In the greater metro Boston area, there is almost always something to do, especially if you live close to a decent size city (like Worcester)

  31. Boston is kinda an exception tbh. The whole area is rich and overall one of the best places to live in the world.

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