1. You're discovering self-awareness. Nice.

  2. Oh, the struggle! So sad, really.

  3. christians do not believe Catholics are christians. true story.

  4. Atheists do not believe they rely on faith. Ever. True story.

  5. There is a difference between relying on assumptions based on well documented patterns and the experiments of experts that are well documented and repeatable, and faith. One has a basis on real wield observations and one is based on a book and your elders opinions.

  6. Based. And so deeply profound. Wow. Followed.

  7. This looks like every question I had in undergrad.

  8. I worked at a gas station, love/hate my co-workers, managers, district managers, and yet I trust nobody while working gas station. It's beautiful workplace because it's third shift till midnight and I absolutely kicking it while I save money to never work part-time.

  9. Live like no other so you can live like no other!

  10. The ONLY reason I’m doing ok in school right now is because my husband is in school also and so he makes me so my homework lol literally I whine the entire time and say I hate this and I wanna quit while doing the work. If it wasn’t for him I’d drop out for the 4th time HAHA I aim for C’s. Minimal effort on my end and it gets me that degree

  11. Sounds like your husband is a keeper. He gets you.

  12. You know what's worse? Having to stop in lane and becoming a smooshed human sandwich when the car behind you doesn't stop

  13. I actually swerve right before the bike gets to me. Then I wait for the biker to come at me because every biker likes to get in a car driver's face when the biker feels they've been disrespected.

  14. You sound like a very well adjusted member of society, and exactly the type of driver we want to lane split away from.

  15. Yeah, you should definitely try to avoid coming near me. I sure as hell am not going to give a rip about avoiding you.

  16. You would need ALL of the employees to die at the bottom for a company to grind to a halt, not just one. That’s why Unionizing is important, individually we mean nothing, together we have everything.

  17. Maybe brush up on your boolean logic.

  18. Talk about dropping the mic with that final goal....

  19. Yes, that is Pity in the middle but neither of the other two are Ronaldo.

  20. Would it be a problem for Amazon if this person can prove that Amazon isn't firing everyone with similar manipulation metrics.

  21. We are limited greatly in how much we can offer him because of MLS free agency rules. It is time to give up this dream

  22. Care to explain the free agency rules any further? Maybe just another sentence or two?

  23. When this many teams get involved and we are the only league with a salary cap, a bidding war is likely to ensue driving a player out of our reasonable price range acquisition zone.

  24. Lol. You just paraphrased the comment. I understand that part.

  25. More people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason. —George Carlin

  26. "...Therefore, there is no God."

  27. I mean, if you really want to compare the number of people killed in the name of religion versus the number of people killed in the name of atheism ...... I don't think religion is going to come out positively there.

  28. Wait so we're being charged now for the exhibition game (AmFam) they created to replace the +1 being a US Open Cup match at MBS or a playoff?

  29. I tried to explain this to everyone last season - how we were slowly being bamboozled over multiple seasons - and no one wanted to speak out against the club.

  30. How would a PSL exist given the current PSL system for falcons STH? like Atlanta United is the exception to the PSL would I be forced to by a PSL that entitles me to 2nd right of refusal to a concert held at MBS? I mean the answer would be me relinquishing my ticket but in a hypothetical world where money was no issue for me would I really be required to pay for 2nd right of refusal?

  31. Make no mistake, there is absolutely a way they could carve out a PSL for soccer that is not in conflict with the PSLs for the Falcons.

  32. If you have to ask if someone else is stupid...

  33. Never met a smart motorcyclist. Lol.

  34. Precondition for what exactly? I’ll tell you what…a fantasy world devoid of any real understanding of human nature, let alone capitalism. Tbh, he’s got to be the most “emperor has no clothes” level dimwits in human history, and that’s a high bar. Just his interpretation of the labor theory of value is so infantile and clueless it is amazing it’s taken seriously.

  35. Could not agree more. I truly believe Marx had to have been missing a part of the brain that most people have and that people who study him and align with his views, his true followers, must also be missing the same part of the brain.

  36. Yep, it’s like a crappy religion or cult. They just rely on faith…but think they are the logical ones.

  37. Run along. Go start your cute little revolution. Lmfao. Pathetic.

  38. You sure owned me good pal. Socialism is destroyed forever.

  39. You're being sarcastic but I did own you. I owned you good. Like a little bitch. But that's when you feel the most comfortable, isn't it? When you're my little bitch? Good girl.

  40. None of these idiots hatching get rich schemes from prospecting gold on the Moon has ay idea how global markets work or how prices are set.

  41. 5 miles under everyone is unlimited energy, geothermal and we are very close to tackling the technology to harvest it.

  42. Talk about man-made climate change.

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