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  1. I always refer to my country as the United States rather than “America” for this exact reason. “America” has always seemed kind of informal and inaccurate, seeing as that’s the name of the entire landmass.

  2. "American" is not imprecise at all. It is the official nationality of anyone who as citizenship in the USA. Ethnicity is a lot more ambiguous.

  3. Basically they get captured by the ground people, held in quarantine because they went underground before the virus, slowly begin to form a bond and then once they’re let out, Tandy and crew infect them and kill them all.

  4. Thanks for that. I’m watching a 2nd time through on Hulu RN because my kids didn’t watch when it was on tv. I’m holding on to the tiniest of hopes that someone will revive the series.

  5. Yeah no problem! I immediately looked online after finishing for the same reason, holding out too. Here's the full article explaining it. The info comes from a podcast Will Forte was on.

  6. Paper towels are so much different than toilet paper, i hope you arent using them for the same purpose.

  7. I was forced to use a paper towel once when there was no TP. It’s an unpleasant experience

  8. I am new to Reddit. But I love it. Like 10% new knowledge and 90% smartass funny comments.

  9. Then you see those same comments repeated ad nauseam and you become a jaded anti-Reddit redditor that can’t leave because “I might miss out on something”

  10. I have no idea the context but want to see this phrase randomly dropped in every thread refrencing a movie.

  11. Patty's probably worse, but she's also weirdly sympathetic. The movie makes it pretty clear that she's a huge bitch in general, but i'd imagine a ton of people would be as pissed and angry as she was given the situation

  12. Patty is Sarah Silverman right? I actually identify with her the most now, as an adult with a roommate whose girlfriend basically lives here but doesn’t pay rent

  13. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure the reverse is happening. They lived together first and then patty came into the picture. Ned was just carrying him before then.

  14. Yeah no I understand that, it’s just similar enough to be relatable

  15. Now all you need is an equator rock to complete your sammich!

  16. Wouldn’t you need a piece of earth’s core for it to be a rock sandwich

  17. Near as I can tell, the propane tank is a vessel of Satan (note the invert pentagram) and Hank is using the flag to kill it by puncturing its underside, whereupon it spews hellfire either in defense or dying gasps.

  18. He has to if it's the devil. He's a Methodist, after all.

  19. He actually provides propane servicing for Hell, that’s a clean burning Hell I tell you hwhat

  20. For the love of...just shut the fuck up now and save yourself the embarrassment later.

  21. You’re right I can’t even continue this or claim to be innocent here, I’m the one that escalated you.

  22. If you think being called a republican is an insult, that’s on you. If you see it as a compliment, that’s also on you. If someone behaves really conservative, or really overly blindly progressive etc of course I’m going to notice that shit and mention it lol

  23. Oh come on dude, you framed it as an insult don’t play me like that lol. I’m not going to prove my political values to you because you think someone’s conservative for pointing out your hypocritical statement. I’m not going around saying “hmmm you complain about capitalism yet participate in it??🤔 🤔”

  24. "Let me tell you why I, a random dude with no experience, know better than the writers over this one throwaway joke"

  25. Never said I know better just thought it was weird, wouldn’t have ever brought it up if I didn’t see it in the comments! Y’all are imagining me raging over this shit when I’m literally just bored and reading the discussion haha

  26. Nah I thought the same damn thing. It was kind of redundant. RIP in peace I guess

  27. The funny thing is I would’ve all but forgotten about it had it not been the top comment on the discussion thread (at the time) lol

  28. Reminds me that my dad was an under cover detective and he stopped doing it cause he ended up being really good friends with a big drug dealer that they busted and the dude was crying saying they thought they were friends cause he didn’t have any friends :( he really got to know the guy and they would laugh n stuff together. If he wasn’t a big time illegal dealer my dad considered him a good guy otherwise lol.

  29. I have a ton of success on bumble. Women having to send the first message leads to a higher engagement rate in my experience.

  30. For as long as I’ve had dating apps I’ve always had the least amount of success on bumble. Like, Idk what it is but I’ve only managed to garner 10-20 matches in several years of bumble. Compared to tinder where I’ve gotten several hundred matches over the course of the past 5ish years. To be fair it’s not like I’m successfully talking to even 10% of those matches.

  31. Would love to believe it's all a fairy tale, but somehow can't wrap my head around the fact that our lives and morality could be some random accident and an intellegible human beings are born on this earth without any purpose.

  32. We just fundamentally have an inability to grasp such large concepts. The universe is 13 billion years old, the earth is 4.5 billion years old, on a cosmological scale humanity is a tiny blip in the history of the universe. It’s not “a random accident”, it’s the universe unfolding and growing. Do you not believe in aliens, or at the least in other biological life forms on other planets? I highly doubt we are the only intelligent life in the universe

  33. Again I’m pretty clueless but if my limited knowledge is correct, the most basic function a computer can process is “1 or 0, yes or no, on or off”, so I think its use is derived from its simplicity.

  34. Wow well then I’m more flattered by your comment now haha I tried coding once but didn’t really have the motivation to get good

  35. Means you were driving too slow. Get on the gas or get outta my way. It takes you 2 seconds to pull over and let traffic go.

  36. Lmao I forgot the part where I’m going at least 10 miles over the speed limit already. They’re not interested in me going faster, they’re interested in going faster than me.

  37. Always on a one lane no passing road, always two feet behind you, passes you the millisecond there’s an opening

  38. My weird superpower is being able to combine flavors in my head without tasting them. I think this might taste pretty good even though I’m not the biggest fan of pickles.

  39. What confuses me is the red squiggly that always appears when I write “their”

  40. That was honestly the time I stopped following

  41. The only time I believe people’s sob stories on Reddit is when it’s three+ comments deep in a parent thread.

  42. Sounds like you’re using the word pretentious wrong. I never said I liked charcuterie, just that I have a strong distaste for the phrase “grazing table”

  43. Pretentious: characterized by assumption of dignity or importance, especially when exaggerated or undeserved.

  44. Please point to the part where finding a word gross makes me important or dignified. Literally just a mental image thing.

  45. This is one of the things I say all of the time and then get a weird look as I realize that not everyone is enlightened enough to know KOTH like we do :)

  46. Tbf if you’re not saying “that’s my purse I don’t know you” most people won’t know any quote from the show, even if they watch it

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