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  1. Try it both ways, see if you notice anything. It is certainly possible the banners are affecting treble performance

  2. The power conditioners though. They are fantastic. They take that oh so dirty electricity from your walls and holds it and coddles it and names it George and what you will get is the best electricity to go into your system. You will be glad you spent $4k on it because it sounds beautiful. Or you are an idiot.

  3. I have an industry source who confirms that this is exactly how power conditioners work.

  4. Yet no country producing those systems would ever need to be cost effective. There is no scenario where a NATO country would need to defend against mass drone/loitering ammuntion/missile atacks for an extended period of time making cost efficiency relevant as they would answer those threats agressivel very quickly.

  5. That’s exactly the situation that’s happening in Ukraine right now, which is why these older Gepard systems are being deployed and proving impactful.

  6. It's also a situation not planned or even expected by any country. Which is the reason no country has such systems in operation and all Gepards in countries operating them were retired at least a decade ago.

  7. I didn’t mean to say it was stupid of Germany to retire the Gepard. I just think it’s interesting to see dynamics shift and old weapons become relevant again.

  8. Julia’s swagger as she walks away… and Jason’s hair after 😅

  9. It’s not too bad of dose but I would not recommend cuddling up with it overnight. It’s about 3 to 4 chest X-ray doses.

  10. The amount they got filming this was 3-4 chest ex ray doses?

  11. It’s not a full reading because of the video cutting out but just a estimate if you spend about an hour close to it.

  12. What if I picked it up and held it for 10-15 seconds then put it back?

  13. I think the other thing it emphasises is the importance of heating the surface of the metal.

  14. I once made what I thought was a nice wire-to-pin joint, but when I pulled away, the wire and solder blob pulled cleanly off the pin! All I’d done was make a solder “hat” :(

  15. I’ve looked, but haven’t been able to find one. Closet I’ve found is one in San Rafael :/

  16. Thanks for your response. What’s the place in San Rafael called? Might be worth a day trip.

  17. This is their website. It is of limited value.

  18. How does he think a sport, with training, qualification, multiple rounds, hundreds of participants from different countries, works if it breaks the competitors wrist the moment they fire the first shot? By his logic, by the time this post was made, that olympian would have already broken her wrist and been eliminated from competition, making world news.

  19. This may be a silly question, but do they make waterproof dust collectors? Will moisture be an issue? I would think sawdust and condensation or humidity would be a bad combination.

  20. I have it under a tarp under the eves. I live in Sacramento where rain is rare and humidity is very low. I don’t expect there will be issues, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it this winter.

  21. I’ll be curious how it works out for you. It may not be much of an issue since it’s covered and your location. I live in Western PA, so it wouldn’t be an option for me. I have a one car garage woodshop and would to be able to do this

  22. I grew up in Eastern PA, and I can agree that it would not have worked there either! If I still lived there, I might try building a small framed shelter for it, but I'm not sure how much the humidity and general moisture would affect it. Probably would work alright, but leave a soggy pile of wood chips and dust to throw out.

  23. Also using blade guards help a lot with dust collection.

  24. I have a vintage table saw with no blade guards, and recently I’ve been adding dust collection to everything, but I can’t fully on the saw because of the lack of guards! I hope I can retrofit something.

  25. No no no, he should grade it fairly, but then return the paper with the grade printed so small you could only see it with a magnifying glass!

  26. When I got my 4 out of the box for the first time, I just laid it on my desk and stared at it. It was such a plutonic ideal of a device. One of the greatest industrial designs in history.

  27. I would love if they made iPhone 5s style (the size and camera in body, wouldn’t really mind if there were 3 cams as long as they stay in body), and iPhone Pros build quality (display, stainless steel sides).

  28. That would be a chonker for sure. But it would probably get week-long battery life!

  29. You got lucky, if your in a state with CA/NY emissions you cannot purchase used cats and many CARB cats are pushing a grand

  30. A cat for my truck in CA is $1,600. I’m running a straight pipe until I have to get it smogged in April.

  31. Do they do a visual when you smog? Can you just run one of those o2 spacers?

  32. The do inspect, and will check model to verify it’s CARB compliment

  33. They even said themselves in the podcast that they used to rewrite and rewrite until almost everything made them laugh every time, but now they are too busy with other things.

  34. Oh interesting! I must have missed that episode.

  35. I have not connected very well with the last couple. I prefer the old school stuff, but that is just me.

  36. The jokes feel more forced, I think they’re running out of natural comedic elements without repeating themselves.

  37. So when does Kanye get put in a conservatorship?

  38. Okay not to be that guy. But I understand a science based approach to lifting restrictions. Truly the chances of a gay person in the US contracting HIV is higher than that of a straight person.

  39. It’s not about gay sex, it’s about anal sex.

  40. People who’s pride is not altogether that of a brother for sister!

  41. this isn’t an answer to your question so here’s the answer to your question.

  42. So weird, the US imposed all these rules on their military, but are now defending them against the Chinese. How the tables have turned…

  43. Nobody likes to admit it but this is how it works. You can eat McDonald's every day and lose weight if you do the math. Nobody should actually do this because health is a lot more than just weight, but it is possible.

  44. I do exactly that. My weight is stable around 182~

  45. Relax folks. Just making a point. You can turn a $200 turntable into a $1000 turntable with a $800 cartridge. The needle is the point! Pardon the pun.

  46. I agree with your premise, but you have to balance the quality of the turntable against the quality of the needle. Beyond a certain point the quality of the needle is shrouded by the shortcomings of the .turntable

  47. Shouldn’t they be interviewing the frontman and not the drummer?

  48. I kept my erogenous nerves!! I'm not asexual, I'm a little freak in bed. Feisty power bottom. Sometimes I miss getting hard but also,, I always preferred butt stuff anyway.

  49. How has the surgery changed your orgasms, and your general feelings of arousal/satisfaction?

  50. Good question! Also super hard to answer. Orgasms are the sameish? Mostly full body response but that's more about being on mtf hormone replacement therapy. Arousal is just that whole area getting vibey and tense.

  51. Very cool! Your post is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time… as others have said, I had no idea this surgery was even an option. I love the idea of just being… “smooth.” There’s an elegance to it, physically and conceptually.

  52. Oh I have gotten my fair share of fair tickets… not coupling about most of the tickets I have gotten. however the lane splitting ones have always been given by assholes.

  53. If the ticket is fair, it doesn't matter who gives it. I've had some good and some bad encounters with the police, but they were (almost) always in the right about the ticket they wrote me. I might grumble, but I cant argue.

  54. See fools lane split all day. Whose at fault when they do that and a accident occurs? Hopefully not the person in the car!!

  55. I thought this needed some final touches to be the James Bond shit it truly is, so I took the liberty of adding some music:

  56. Cool music but idk who juskitten is. Names MajorHAP don’t forget it!!!

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