1. If you’ve been outside doing yard work or climbing - where your hands have come in contact with small vines - it could be poison ivy. You can get a poison ivy rash in the winter by touching the vine, even when leaves are absent.

  2. Most inexplicable behaviors can be categorized as either 1. Residual animal instincts and 2. Money. Feces in the animal kingdom are a priceless currency. Gorillas enjoy eating their own shit as not to waste any valuable nutrients that could’ve escaped digestion. Leopards roll in buffalo dung before fights for that sweet testosterone. And lastly, territories are marked by strategically squirting anal juice . So the title is unironically quite accurate

  3. Can you imagine walking into that elevator, the doors shutting ... you being stuck in that sewer smell for at least a minute. If you attempted to breath through your mouth you would taste it in the air.

  4. Good for you getting stronger! Keep being consistent!

  5. I use to think, “People who drive off and yank the pump hose out are the biggest idiots!” Until one day, when I was exhausted and very distracted and I did it. I humbly found out it is easy to do.

  6. Definitely gaining weight and shoulder hair. Seriously, muscle growth for all of us is slow. Stay at it.

  7. IDK how practical this is for you in your situation… but when I shower I use a large box type fan to blow in air. After I’m done I keep it blowing in for a few hours. I like a dried out bathroom and towels. It really is practical for me.

  8. Your upper chest looks really developed and full. Keep it up!

  9. Most likely not natty, but doesn’t look much more than Anavar.

  10. Upper body is doable natty. However, I question that his legs are that big, with his leanness, and he’s still natty.

  11. Agree that genetics are mostly at play. Also, leanness makes a bicep pop some as well.

  12. This guy is on steroids - just look at his traps. However, he still worked hard to get what he has.

  13. Holding those calls!!! Not selling! Thank you, Gherk!

  14. Thank you for the very faithful "Daily"!!! We read it!

  15. 9/0 is an extremely slow retrieve rate and is underclassed on drag. Can it catch a shark, yes. Did i start with a 9/0, yes. Would i try and hook into anything over 8ft, absolutely not. Personally if i was starting over again id go with a spinning combo instead to cut your teeth in the sport. 8500bg or slammer/spinfisher is perfectly capable of the same class of fish. If youre in the sebastian area hit me up on ig @haytoraide i come down there pretty often to fish and ur more than welcome to tag along

  16. I would also recommend the biggest of the diawa and Penn spinning reels. They are very good spinning reels. The only reason to go with that big Senator is you can get a ton of line on it. But the largest of the Penn/diawa reels have enormous drag. Plus they are castable WITH A WIND ON LEADER. Google search up Wind On Leader. It’s helped me a lot.

  17. Gamboling makes some good points. They are worth considering. It’s just my 2 cents, but if you can get a good quality 9/0 Senator I would probably do it.

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