Day or night, man or woman, Why do you really cross the street when I’m walking down or just standing there? What is the root of your fear?

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  1. Fart straight into the intake of a CPAP machine. Make the user deep lung that gaseous poo!

  2. Yes - yes!!! When I feed the line through that special guide using the heaviest mono possible, my casts go a mile!!!

  3. I don’t know shit about this compared to others. But simple supply and demand dictates that if there are obligations (buyers) and low volume (not many sellers or supply) than anything that creates buying pressure should move the stock up dramatically.

  4. While not moving up dramatically, it is moving up on low volume. Something is bullish, maybe just following the SPY.

  5. The best part is if someone nearby farts you don’t smell it. I’m not naming names.

  6. I know of a particular “someone” who held the CPAP intake up to their anus whilst expelling the most rotten silent gas. When the noxious fumes hit the recipient it cause immediate involuntary violent vomiting.

  7. He could have easily had friends shooting targets with guns near by. Just saying.

  8. Pretty much yea. My personal TRT dose is 140mg. When I “blast” I go up to 300mgs

  9. Use it to be the center piece for a small Piece of jewelry.

  10. I’m so discouraged I won’t even watch GT on TV anymore. Yesterday, I literally took a nap and then left to go fishing during game time. Watching hurts too much.

  11. Thank you for all the digging, effort, and research!!! I appreciate you sharing all this with us through the journey.

  12. Instead of selling shares, sell ITM CC. You get to keep your shares- plus you get the premium.

  13. Not risky if you were going to sell anyways. At least this way you name your price.

  14. Just started TRT and am on Cymbalta. I'm hoping I can get off Cymbalta, depending on how effective the TRT is.

  15. I take both of these haven’t felt this good in 15 years.

  16. Yes & it’s the only time I use that strong nose spray that instantly opens you up. So I can get good healing restful sleep.

  17. Great catch my friend!!! Keep up the good work!!! What did you catch it on?

  18. Some voodoo fishing magic happens when you speak the spell “last cast”. Great catch! congrats!

  19. I understand, at no point do I tell anyone to sell covered calls. This is a post just saying in general selling covered calls is a great way to grow your portfolio and make passive income.

  20. OP - your original post is clear. Anyone who can read sees that you are obviously not misleading anyone. I’m with you! I wish I started selling CCs earlier. I have a long way to go. Thank you for posting!

  21. As a snack, a couple plain tablespoons of mayonnaise.

  22. I don't cross the street. I'll be the first to speak, smile, and say hello to you.

  23. I know Gherk is banned from TGIF for “something”, but I don’t l know the details. Anyone care to share the sauce on this? I’m sure a bunch of us would like to know.

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