1. Who is the girl in the first picture?

  2. Top left and top right i think can looks good on TR

  3. could u let us know who every1 in this pic is?? (mostly wondering abt top left +top right)🤍

  4. I only know the top right girl her name is kennedy walsh

  5. She looks to me like a flamboyant gamine but what height is she?

  6. Bold, sensual and powerful essence. The quintessential FN ✨

  7. She's a tricky one for me. Previously she has been typed as a SC in this sub and I agree that she looks great in clean, simple silhouettes, but the first thing I notice about her is her narrowness, not balance. I don't think she's a Gamine either;

  8. Minimalist for a theatrical romantic not for a Classic for exemple

  9. I think we need to know your texture and facial shape/features. Even body can influence this. I will explain the separate parts to make it possible to personalise!

  10. Thank you so much for your explanation!! I actually have very straight and flat shoulder-length hair with a curtain bangs, my figure looks like Vivien Leigh but my face is sharper especially my nose I wanted volume and hairstyles easy to keep because the curls do not not stay long on me .

  11. Maybe layers with inward claw-like ends to create a rounder shape? On brown hair it would look awesome, for example i saw it on

  12. Hmmm, I would’ve thought Rita Moreno was a soft gamine...

  13. Her name is Jane Greer not 100% sure she’s TR

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