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  1. For me Friends, Sabrina the teenage witch, Charmed, New girl, all have similar feelings. I need to try Sweet Magnolias and Ginny & Georgia still.

  2. Friends ❤ one of the best comedy show to rewatch! You should watch sweet magnolias, I like it a lot and the intro is perfect! Very cozy!

  3. I love Hart of Dixie! Everwood and Royal Pains are good, but unfortunately, I don't think they're streaming free anywhere right now :(

  4. I agree about good witch, she's a bit to perfect but you do get the small town vibe as in Gilmore girls

  5. I would go for apparition as my first choice if that doesn't count as a spell I would go for accio

  6. I get it! Have been depressed for a while and watching GG is soothing for the soul

  7. "I read it in Hogwarts: A history" Hermione, Iconic line for me! Always makes me smile

  8. A friend of my wife and I who is, in the best way, odd (strong Luna vibes) told us that she thinks we work so well as a couple because I am Gryffindor with strong Hufflepuff tendencies whilst my wife is Hufflepuff with strong Gryffindor tendencies. It was an unexpected comment entirely out of the blue and she said with absolute sincerity.

  9. Hello, legit question: How does one know their tendencies? :o Is there a test?

  10. You can read what specifiece each house, some people have a mix, usually of 2 houses and since you actually have a choice what house you want to be apart of you choose the one you want to be in or is most like you and the other one is the house you have tendencies of. For example my boyfriend is intelligent, creative, witty and curious as a ravenclaw but he is also loyal and hard working as a hufflepuff. You can read more about it here:

  11. Cute! I'm a hufflepuff! My boyfriend is a ravenclaw with hufflepuff tendencies and my best friend is a gryffidor with hufflepuff tendencies.

  12. I have a friend group kinda like that Me and my boyfriend My bestfriend and her brother are our close friends Their partners are a great fit in the group (also close friends to us now) Me and my best friend have two other close girl friends that are like Phoebe

  13. Yeah and they made it harder than ever too 😭

  14. Well grabbing the pole at the end is literally impossible. In a lobby of 12 yesterday, we were all stuck

  15. Ross playing bagpipes for the others and he asks them to sing the song he's playing and Pheobe just making the sounds of the bagpipe, the best ever!

  16. Yeah I tried to just run around trough all the gates but still at 0/15

  17. Sybbie and Charlie get together and then the family's merge and it goes from there

  18. I kept expecting the portrait at the end to start talking. Wrong movie.

  19. Some sort of bug was in it so it's temporarily gone, at least that's what I think happened. I was also sad to find out pipe dream wasn't showing up when playing, honestly one of my favourites!

  20. Damn that's a extremely beautiful goal! And I don't even want Germany to win 😆

  21. Could they please drop VAR, it been so many mistakes this tornement or at least have enough cameras so they can make the right call and not just guessing

  22. So because she is with someone who she is with before she hasnt grown? She doesn't revert back to her high school self, she becomes an adult with Dylan. Love and partnership isn't always about changing your life in a dramatic way like she would have done with Andy. Haley picked someone who yes she felt comfortable with, felt she could be herself with, and then she grew up. Haley liked herself. And her major flaw was not taking things/herself seriously. She is certainly taking herself and her life more seriously by the end of the series. In fact I would argue that having someone you are comfortable with makes it easier to grow and change. You feel safer to venture out of your comfort zone in other areas.

  23. She had sex with him because of comfort, don't think she wanted more and she happend to get pregnant with his child and was forced to grow up because of it I personally think Andy made her better, I love Hayley and she was her best when she was with Andy, it was just easy even if it started dramatic they where great together and complemented each other ☺️

  24. I agree. I believe the original intention of the writers was to make andy end up with haley but due to scheduling conflicts they had to break them up. This was actually confirmed by the writers of the show and later on by Adam Devine. People keep saying that Dylan was her soulmate and Andy was just a part of Haley’s past but I think it should have been the other way around. At the start of season 1 it already looked like Dylan wasn’t going to be that much of an important character in the show because as was stated in another post, there wasn’t much substance from his character, including his relationship with Haley that was on and off again. Even his conversations with Haley lacked some substance most of the time. Haley also broke up with Dylan multiple times which means that she had to settle in the end. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the writers wanted Andy to end up with Haley because Andy is like a younger version of Phil, and Haley is like a younger version of Claire which would be kind of perfect.

  25. yeah. that wasn’t very much in doubt for the greater part of the game. a bit odd cause sweden started so well! but so much credit to england, they grow into games so so well.

  26. The win was definitely deserved but not by that much, if the result should mirror the game 2-0 would have been fair

  27. As a swede this is frickin embaracing, England has done a good job reading our defense. And I have to say since Sembrant came back the communication as been really off, I noticed it right a way. The offense has been about the same for both teams but we have a real problem scoring and have had the whole tornement.. Don't see us picking this up so good job England and IF Germany get to the final I hope you win! otherwise not 😆

  28. Can England handle the pressure? They've felt stressed the whole second half

  29. Oh no, I'm sorry to here that 😞 some people are just idiots and take things to seriously... I was always looking forward to the elimination game 😊 always voted before I went to bed 🙈 You did a really good job! But of course your mental health is the most important thing! Don't put to much of your energy on the negative people, they probably hate their lives and unfortunately took it out on you ☹️ And a sincere thank you for taking the time to do it! Hope you do it again after season 3, if you're up for it of course 😊

  30. I have always thought all the hats Mitch wanted to buy at the airport or like a lot of money for some reason 🤔

  31. I thought the hats first as well but they weren’t in Dallas on that scene

  32. It feels like it's more then hats by his reaction 🤔 that's why I thought money as my second guess.

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