1. Second the mindset from AR. But based on what you’re saying, my guess is you’re getting burnt out and too frustrated. Maybe take a day off and do some other videos/readings and come back to questions. If it makes you feel better, there were some Study Hall answers (especially on expert) that didn’t make sense to me. TIA explanations made much more sense. I was getting 67% average on SH and ended up getting AT/AT/AT.

  2. This isn’t for the test but my favorite real world application course was google’s.

  3. I've only done the practice questions so far, but hoping to try and do a test with SH this weekend just to see where I'm at. I'm also planning on buying the TIA Simulator in the next 2 weeks. Really just planning on taking those and going through the rest of the Udemy course to try and get myself figured out with all of this. So much information and it all feels a little overwhelming trying to figure out what to do next! Thanks for your input!

  4. I would do the Udemy class first especially since you already took one practice exam already. The questions will make more sense.

  5. I second Rita’s process game. I would also look at the 49 processes handout from AR and practice writing all 49. I did that twice the morning of the test and passed AT in all sections. Honestly though? A few days before, I rewatched all of the videos in the process section from AR and it really cemented my knowledge. If you’re looking for another source and have time, Rita’s prep book on process is really thorough.

  6. I passed a few days ago AT/AT/AT and had a 67% on study hall. I would also take TIA and see if you’re getting 80%+. The point is to understand why you’re getting questions wrong.

  7. Is it only 5 days before you can fly back to the US? How is the process for getting the fit to fly certification?

  8. ATTN: U.S. Citizens Who Test Positive for COVID-19 Prior to Departure from Iceland

  9. Awesome—thanks! This is much clearer than some other countries.

  10. She was able to use a letter from the ministry but it was hard to get. The first letter they sent wasn’t sufficient. She had to bug them and finally got a letter with all her information saying she was cleared to fly. No doctors wanted to give her anything because they said it had to come from the ministry.


  12. Was it public knowledge that Sherbs had an eating disorder? Because if not it’s kinda not okay that he outed that in his live to defend himself.

  13. Sherbs posted about it earlier this month so I don’t think it’s a secret. Not necessarily his place to say anything.

  14. Oh and he def said Monica herself choked at least one person (can't remember if he said more)

  15. He mentioned she choked Syd (season 1). Can’t remember the second person he said.

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