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Good morning SuperStonk! Aenimus TCG once again with a giveaway. This one is special, as EVERY entry will get 2 guaranteed NFTs! We would like to introduce you to the main mechanic behind the game. Structures! We are also beginning the test play phase. Visit the sub if you'd like to become a tester!

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  1. 😢 Can you access the ntf marketplace? Germany f. e. can‘t acces the marktplace I guess they won‘t have the app too.

  2. Yes, I have some nft’s but maybe your not part of the EU? Different rules?

  3. It’s build a longer table, not a higher fence.

  4. Is this why the entire market just took a coordinated nose dive?

  5. I have no clue why I keep going back. He means a lot to me. A lot. In 2019 he apologized to me via text saying he apologizes in retrospective because I was always there for him when he needed someone but he had conveniently walked away.

  6. Being ignored or pushed away is one of the saddest emotion that you can feel.

  7. Thank you. I hope time heals this wound. I'm here feeling sad about someone, but the other person might not be even giving a flying fuck !

  8. It will, remember…. This feelings make you human and your living!

  9. But the Doritos are getting smaller and smaller likte and of the bag with chips.

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