1. medical protocol states usually 20 minutes and then let rest for 20 minutes. and never use a direct ice pack without a cover. Same reason the kid in a Christmas Story shouldn't have stuck his tongue to the frozen pole. any moisture will kinda fuse and cause the icepack to stick to your head in a bad way.

  2. Nope so i don't think i can craft the wedding ring if you mean that

  3. And It was for the mods now i got the achievement. Ty

  4. 9/10 its always going to be mods messing it up (when playing with them anyway)

  5. Its been shared many many times but it still baffles me that people can be this naive or just plain ignorant about women's bodies

  6. I barely buy these things from Walmart or target, why would I buy from a pyramid scheme?

  7. Not in my experience. I had no problems with amitriptyline except dry mouth. Whereas topimax messed me up big time.

  8. the dry mouth is the worst part of amitriptyline. I'm constantly wondering if the reason I'm so thirsty is because i'm prediabetic or if its just dry mouth. (Fortunately based on fasting glucose readings, probably just dry mouth)

  9. My dentist gave me a mouth wash that did help with the dry mouth some. I want to say it was called Biotene

  10. You can get it over the counter. But everyone I've seen has a peppermint flavor and I can't stand peppermint so I refuse to use it

  11. I can understand wanting to have that relationship with your coworkers... but at the same time, the time and energy put in to having to go into an office every day isn't always worth it. I work a hybrid schedule now, (usually) MTW in the office, and ThF at home. But my boss is ok with us taking some extra time at home if necessary; especially when health is at play.

  12. This is crazy.... People are overreacting. I would tell my kids if their drawings are ugly though... I'm a tough critic and don't apologize for it. Does that make me a bad person?

  13. Offering, no. Do it without her permission, yes. Just don't go. Some people just don't want to enjoy their food and you can't fix that

  14. For the curious: That's a combination test kit, with a test strip for covid and a test strip for influenza put side by side into one plastic thing. Took me about 2 minutes to google that, but I guess I could have spent that time better posting conspiracy theories on facebook /s

  15. That's what I figured it was even without looking it up. The fact that there are people out there so up their own asses that they can't even comprehend that one test strip can test for multiple concepts is ridiculous. If they can have multiple reactive agents on a test strip for a fucking swimming pool, they can do the same thing for contagious diseases.

  16. I order online things I can't get in store or are hard to find. Also when I know I'm going to be too busy to get to a store and still need the item within a day or two. Its also easier for people who are disabled or find leaving the house to shop exhausting. Not everyone wants to take the time to go stand in a store, search for the item, stand in line, pay and then have to pay the gas to get there and back, especially during the pandemic when avoiding people was what everyone with compromised immune systems did to avoid getting sick.

  17. I’m like this with lavender, aspartame, and I seem to be sensitive I think to almond oil. Very little goes a long way and I got headaches the past few times someone bakes something with that in it. But I eat almonds fine.

  18. That was the case for me as well, until my dog decided that he was going to start laying down in the walkway, physically moving his bed when I fall asleep or just plopping down in the middle of the room without his bed. Either way, I trip on him and he gets offended. He’s a senior dog and if I fall on him, I will severely hurt him or kill him. So, I started using a nightlight, but it’s too bright for my severe migraines, hence, the fairy lights. I love that damn dog too much to hurt or kill him. He can be a pain in the ass, but he’s my baby and I’d climb mountains for him.

  19. Yea, that's why when I'm dealing with a migraine, I shut my pets out of my room. That and my cats aren't as light footed as you'd expect them to be. When they jump on my bed when I'm half out of it from a migraine, they'll shake the bed, shocking me and making the migraine worse from the jolt.

  20. My dog will nudge the door until I let him in. Doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is. If the nudging the door doesn’t work, the bastard goes and wakes my grandpa up and leads him to my door and starts nudging it, signaling that he wants inside, dammit and this bitch is asleep. 😂😂😂Sometimes, he’s a little too smart.

  21. Gotta train them while they're young. 🤣 I've had chronic migraines since before I got either of them as kittens, so they've never known anything else. But its OK, in order to entice them out of my room at night, I give some treats and they're satisfied

  22. Whatever you do, don't try cleaning it up with bare feet. You'll end up pulling a Marv from Home Alone 2. (Ask me how I know 😑 )

  23. Yta. You know you're the asshole for calling a 13 year old a whore and if you don't realize it, you need to grow up and realize that her sister isn't involved in the argument or breakup.

  24. Any blow to the head scares me. My mom accidentally punched me in the face one day (pure accident, I was leaning over her as she was trying to pull something apart and her hand slipped) and I got a headache not long after. Everything that touches my head makes me scared. I will never get beyond that. You're not alone.

  25. Damn. When my former boss let me go over a phone call, he had the good sense to patch in H.R. beforehand

  26. If youre in need of fiber that bad, just farm gold. Go to the mines floor 81, chop bushes, smack gold, lootz, leavez, go back down

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