1. What is the "national currency"?

  2. My man just wants to buy a tractor on the cheap. Basically how many GME fractionals will he have to part with to get it?

  3. I remember Nokia and Blackberry being meme stocks, but I don't remember them ever evolving to apeism. Am I wrong? Did they have their moments in the sun?

  4. People come to this subreddit for the hottest, freshest FUD on the Internet. And it provides.

  5. Sometimes you just have to step back and marvel at what they come up with. They are arresting Donald Trump, a former US President, completely unprecedented - an arrest on the social interest level of Michael Jackson or OJ Simpson, just to distract from a run-of-the-mill quarterly earnings call from Gamestop.

  6. I'm part of a WhatsApp investing group. Mostly meme stocks. Some very smart people in it. Just I have increasingly decided their view of stock-sharing stuff is 'eccentric'.

  7. Tell him that SPY is shorted to oblivion but its all hidden. Secretly Ryan Cohen is working on a GMErica/SPY merger.

  8. I have tried obvious mockery. It doesn't work and annoys. He is a friend, smarter than me and a colleague.

  9. I'm sorry. I was being sarcastic and didn't realise the sincerity of your post. Truth be told, I'm probably the wrong person to ask for advice. There are plenty of people here that have helped apes away from apedom but I'm not one myself. Not because I haven't tried, but because i definitely haven't succeeded. I don't think anyone is an ex-ape because of me. I don't mean to discourage you because there are plenty of people here that have. If you're genuinely concerned about your friend, and it sounds like you are, hopefully one of the more successful conversionist shills will jump to my rescue here.

  10. We were banned for participating in this sub (brigading by this post's definition), so not who they are referring to in that section (unrelated to brigading).

  11. Oh boy I hope I make the list. I didn't decline to work with the mods and would have done if they had asked. I just got an automessage one day to say I was banned. Seeing my username in lights would really lift my spirits.

  12. The Shill Score flair is about to get a new lease of life! I hope they give rankings.

  13. To improve loss prevention, they should hire dogs with bees in their mouth.

  14. Mystery boxes. I've seen lots of this kinda thing on YouTube. Hot damn do people love mystery boxes. Buy a mystery box from Bed Bath and Beyond and recapture that feeling of a kid on Christmas morning. What did I get? A plunger? A fitted sheet for a queen sized bed? Who knows. And that's half the fun. Say hello to BBBY mystery boxes, say hello to endless quarters of profitability.

  15. Redesign all shopping carts as racecars. Racecars are cool and people will enjoy driving them around the store as they gather their goods. The improved design would lower drag, and with the upgraded aerodynamics, shoppers will be able to zoom through checkouts, getting money for BBBY faster than ever before.

  16. Every Wednesday there should be a fireworks show at every Bed Bath and Beyond. People like fireworks, and so will come along. Afterwards they will shop at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  17. it's incredible how exactly the same people who were excited about the GME split are now excited about the reverse split

  18. Snore. Wake me when we get a triple backflip split. Everyone knows that's the only type of split that actually forces shorts to close. Sue Gove is a hedge fund sleeper agent leading the apes up the garden path.

  19. It's been so long since I've seen a self-proclaimed $40 ape. It used to be all the rage. Blast from the past.

  20. Investing is so much more adventurous as an ape. They have fully fleshed out, titanic battles of good and evil. Plucky underdog tales and great adventure. The archetypal Voyage and Return. Sears is coming back, baby. Bigger and badder. Surely shorts r fuk this time.

  21. What do all these legions of beggar apes do with their wallets after they've been activated? If you can't afford $0.50, what the hell do you need a wallet for?

  22. Even if it's $50 - if you can't afford $50 how are you going to afford to buy the most exclusive pictures on the Internet? This chump adds nothing of value. Come back when you can push the bounds of GMErica.

  23. How many carts will be filled and then left in the aisle unpaid-for in the name of this challenge?

  24. They waited to fuck him, specifically, over. Ken is so poetically evil to some of them. Sat there at his desk, finger firmly on the number go down button as he stares emotionless at the ticker.

  25. Even if you add all of the previous outstanding shares and all of the potentially converted shares from the warrant offering I don't think it adds up to that

  26. It adds up to far more than that. The number is the previous shares outstanding coupled with the shares Hudson Bay have now sold already. HB still have hundreds of millions of shares left to sell. They're not even 1/3 of their way through the offering on those numbers.

  27. I presume this is the same guy as before, yeah? Goes from honourable Pepsi-buying ape to zero in the blink of an eye. JUSTICE FOR PIERRE. GIVE THIS MAN HIS PEPSI YOU SCUMBAG.

  28. Kinda disappointing if I'm honest. I prefer the idea of you having a chain of easily won bets with the same guy, effectively turning him into your own personal human Pepsi vending machine.

  29. Personally I'm against the reverse split. Were it not for the financial kung fu of Ken Griffin, we would've seen MOASS from GME when they did their RS. Folks we can't keep counting on Ken alone to shoulder these problems. We need to stamp it out before it starts. You all know the drill. This is the Distort part of Short & Distort. Get to work. No excuses. We can't let this go through.

  30. BBBY MOAM was when Cohen sold. The people saying its still to come are just emotional bagholders that bought in to $SHIL at the peak and are now underwater, trying to justify it to themselves.

  31. Man, I am super stressed. My team, Hudson Bay, is in the playoffs next week and they need a big performance. We got the Nasdaq Delisters coming up and they're always tough. If they play the reverse split, I dunno, I don't think we've got a hope.

  32. Marantz has been making videos for two years now. ChatGPT is the last because apes started to asking for financial advice recently, but yeah, it's a joke. I didn't aim for accuracy lol

  33. Two years?! That man is bad at self-promotion if it's been that long for him to go bigtime. Clearly an awful marketing campaign. 4/10

  34. Surely the Apefather came before Marantz? Billy has to have been at least a year ago. How long has Marantz been around? He seems like a relatively new kid on the block. 6 months, tops.

  35. Mate, what did you think BBBY gave over for the money they were paid? Was it just a nice gesture? Dilution was coming. Everyone just stuck their fingers in their ears and said la la la. The proof is in the pudding. The price is going down as a result.

  36. You were notified. People just chose to actively lie to themselves.

  37. Webull says their shares outstanding is/was 116m. They’ve diluted to nearly 3x that amount? Is this MOAM?

  38. How fucking stupid must you feel if you've DRSed at this point? We've waited patiently for over 2 years now. Surely MOAM is nigh.

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