1. Every single result on that first image being purple is classic ape.

  2. GME is so boring now. The cultured shill finds beauty in the meta these days. The art behind the ape.

  3. My share of GME dropped 7% today. Nothing short of a penalty colony will satisfy my thirst for justice.

  4. I know it's mostly bravado, but I do always chuckle at the "might let a fractional go and build a few schools" kind of thing. When the government has to pay them whatever price they name, they'll effectively end up as localised lords, and we'll have reverted to feudalism. Marxist theory about the one way course of economic history completely disproven by capitalist heavyweight Ryan Cohen. Dry your eyes, Lenin mate.

  5. What proportion of them do you think just don't actually realise how often they ban dissenting opinions?

  6. I went looking for an old [redacted] post and it was oddly nostalgic revisiting the recurring ape posts of yore. The daily stonks, the trading sideways guy, the exponential floor...

  7. This guy scares me. He's obviously not a teenager playing games in his parent's basement. How did a middle aged guy fall for the whole meme stock debacle?

  8. Back at the very start of all, all the DD said that they couldn't possibly use time against apes. MOASS was usually next Tuesday or Wednesday. And yet here we are 2 years later. I'll give the hedgies one thing - damn are they agile. They slip every pair of cuffs.

  9. If they didn't do things like this though, it wouldn't leave apes with little breadcrumbs to follow. The Lord Cohen works in mysterious ways.

  10. IIRC, he's also storing every meme and YouTube video associated with GME. So future generations can study ape wisdom when they've left on their spaceship to Uranus. In reality, it's just a reminder on how much utter nonsense a society can produce when information can be created and distributed at practically zero cost.

  11. In 6,000 years, his archive will be the new Dead Sea Scrolls.

  12. Bro he’s literally “archiving” all of the DD posts for historians. I shit you not.

  13. Even better, he claims this is literally historiography. That he himself is a historian by doing this. I quite like him. People generally play along that they give a shit he's doing any of this, so he has this inflated sense of self-importance and in a way its charming.

  14. The “event” is a “virtual meet and greet” via discord, i assume by video chat, with two reality tv show stars I’ve never heard of. The NFT tickets are like 50 dollars.

  15. Can people use their Cyber Crew guns and grenades at the virtual meet and greet, and if not, why not?

  16. The Algorithm that controls the stock market wrote this. It has gained sentience.

  17. This post is made better if you read it with another tab open playing the music from the Kirk v Spock battle scene.

  18. I thought I had seen it all but this one has me howling. GME volunteerism was a pipe dream once. And here we are. What a wondrous arc.

  19. Of all the crazy stupid that revolves around the cults, worshipping the guy that dumped his bags on you is truly one of the stupidest. DFV never once engaged with the cult subs and walked away with millions.

  20. That's if you believed he dumped his bags though. Which they don't. DFV is just waiting for the right moment to reveal his purple circle.

  21. Arguably, GME’s uptrend ended right around the time apes started shilling for DRS.

  22. Why would you not make your charts line up perfectly on a chronological basis? This is the standard we have come to accept here. Personally, I would have spent hours in photoshop trying to make them line up, but maybe that's just because I take pride in my work. Shoddy, shoddy workmanship.

  23. I had never heard of "the reverse repo number" until they started talking about it. I probably look it up at least once a month to remind myself what it is, not because it's important, but because it's important to the lore. Anyway, from my analysis of their beliefs, I know its important that this number goes up. It's worrying that it's not.

  24. TD illegally sold this guys shares? Sounds outrageous.

  25. I think TD sold his fractional shares, which got split, and he went and stole a corded phone from his local TD branch because they didn't immediately respond to his blustering rage.

  26. GME is the pump and pump and dump. The price pumps, earnings are bad, but yet it magically pumps again. Then dumps lmao

  27. I just think it's distasteful, what he does. Sprinkle vanishing amounts of money on the twitter beggars below. He thinks he belongs on a new plane of generosity too.

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