1. Synthetic pee works great lol QuickFix I think was the one I used a few years back. They don’t check for synthetics unless you’re trying to get a Federal job or something. I’ve passed an employment screen and a half dozen “dip” tests with it over the years. THC stays in your system too long lol and Delta 8 you’re especially screwed

  2. Harbor City Hemp and HighlyConcentr8ed both have good tincture selections and good service/products

  3. I wish HCH had a storefront. They’re local to me but I’ve never tried them, only hear good things though.

  4. I know you can buy water soluble but I'm pretty sure there is not a way to turn distilate into a water soluble yourself without a full laboratory set up. If there is, someone correct me.

  5. I’m dealing with the same issue, trying to sleep naturally after discontinuing Seroquel. Valerian Root Extract has been helping me a bit but I’d like to try some Baikal Skullcap…. It’s been a few months for me as well and I sleep around 4 hours straight and then another 4 of tossing and turning

  6. 300mg/day is the standard therapeutic dose but I’ll be honest, at that dose I felt like a crackhead. Wired, jittery, twitchy, no appetite, couldn’t sleep, super irritable. But my depression was gone lol…. I eventually changed meds but Wellbutrin does work pretty well. Just beware the irritability lol

  7. Wow, those things got HOT, maybe super lean fueling & boost melted them down….I don’t know VW’s or turbos specifically but I’d make sure your wastegate is working properly too and not stuck to where you’re making boost under cruise conditions or something weird…. and confirm you’ve got sufficient fuel pressure, among the other basic tests like compression….. it’s wild to have more than one plug looking like that. Methinks she ran very lean under boost at some point since some of that damage looks like meltdown….. some of that plug ceramic could’ve damaged a valve seat as well, so a leakdown test would be advisable I suppose & go from there

  8. I use 1:1 HHC:D8 in my “Hybrid” blends. I skew the Delta higher for PM blends and the HHC higher for AM stuff.

  9. Good thinking 😉 Chem Dawg is another heavy hitter. Not the most delicious, tastes like orange jet fuel, but it kicks.

  10. Mass has been pretty dang cheap for me, but I wanna try the True Terpenes Live Alchemy series. Right now I’m mixing HDT’s from Enki’s (gilded extracts) and BDT’s from Mass

  11. I haven’t tried the CDT’s yet but I figured HDT’s should provide a very similar effect for a little cheaper. Still, I’d like to try the CDT’s from Enki’s. Their Super Sour Space Candy HDT is a good blank slate, goes with everything lol

  12. Hamilton! The C-cells can’t be beat for value and reliability, more reliable than ikrusher carts typically.

  13. I hear Little High is good for a smokeshop mass market brand. Personally I get Honey Creek distillate from Gilded Extracts and make a DIY mix. HighlyConcentr8ed is another solid vendor with a great selection and a good site, plus they have edibles and carts in addition to raw and finished distillates and badders.

  14. Our children will go “how did you possibly get cut by paper? You must’ve been a real sissy”

  15. I’m stocking distillate over here 😂 haven’t gotten quite as far but I got a few months of smoke as of right now lol gotta prepare for the apocalypse

  16. Instead of Delta 10, maybe consider some CBD in with your smoke, maybe you even need 1:1 THC:CBD. This is a really good ratio for preventing anxiety and limiting the high

  17. I had trouble at my local airport and all I got was this lousy full body cavity search.

  18. Welcome to murica. With Liberty and Justice For Sale. I mean for all. Wait, no I don’t

  19. Personally? I prefer buying raw and adding terpenes… there’s some great options out there for pretty cheap, Mass Terps is my go to for cheap BDT’s. Their Blue Dream is super tasty 👅

  20. I am thinking about doing this and making my own carts I don't suppose you know how much terps to add to 100g d8 and 100g d9 to make someone told me 5-10% but I just can't see that making 100g disty workable in carts any help would be appreciated

  21. 5-10% is the number, I’ve settled on 7.5% personally, best compromise between flavor and harshness…. You can cold-mix the terps but you gotta pour them in and leave them then do some vigorous stirring over two days and let them infuse…. If you use a little heat from a mug warmer and get your distillate to 125F you can terp it easily and it’ll be smokeable that day (just a bit raw/unrefined/harsh for 24hrs). Don’t exceed 130F with terps or you’ll lose some to evaporation

  22. The wheel bearings can make noise and have no play. The best way I have found to check them is to get the tires in the air and spin the tire as fast as you can while holding onto the coil spring. If the bearing is good, you shouldn't feel anything in the spring. If the bearing is bad, you will feel a vibration in the spring. I have never misdiagnosed which bearing is bad that way and it works probably about 99% of the time for me. If you don't feel vibration in any spring while spinning the wheel mounted at that spring, it most likely isn't a bad wheel bearing.

  23. The holding onto the coil spring is a great method, it’s like a guitar string that will “vibrate”, you’ll be able to feel the difference between a good and bad hub….

  24. And how much of that water contains dangerous dihydrogen monoxide!

  25. I never trust something that can’t decide if it’s a Di or a Mono

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