1. Spent 1983 & part of 1984 in Bremerton while CV-64 was in drydock. Loved everything about it. Would love to go back again.

  2. That is very interesting. I’ve heard several first hand encounters that happened around here. The waterway theory makes sense to me. Two of the recent sightings that were relayed to me were at the same spot, along the road near a creek just outside of Enon. I have never seen anything myself. I’ve seen some very strange tree stuff, but we also have strange wind phenomena around here. I’ve heard the screams, but not around here. That was in northern CA.

  3. That's super interesting friend. I'm in Beavercreek & am very familiar with Enon & would like to take a look. Can you be more specific what road & creek you're referencing. I don't expect to find anything really but would like to get a sense of the area . It would be cool. I believe they have corridors they utilize to get from wooded areas to others. Waterways especially creekbeds, power line corridors, RR tracks usually have scrub woods on the sides etc... I've never seen one but like you I've come upon strange tree breaks, structures, felt watched, experienced sudden overwhelming fear & need to leave an area for no obvious reasons. And as a child living in SW W.Va I sometimes heard screams off the mountain at night that were very frightening. Once found a nest area similar to deer bedding down in tall pond grass that was massive, about the size of a small bedroom. I was Morel hunting & wondered a lot about it but never made a connection to BF because it was before I got interested in it. Thank you & sorry to write a novel. Again if you don't mind please share the road & creek.

  4. That is super interesting friend. I know just where that is. I think the waterways are their highways. Their world perspective lies alongside ours. I think we've all been closer to one than we ever knew. But they knew and watched.

  5. I see it. It looks like a translucent child. On the far right above the guy with the white t on his chest is another dark outlined figure. Shows wide shoulders & head (conical) approx 10 foot tall.

  6. It appears to be narrow as if it has an arch. Sadly I believe it's a boot print.

  7. Yeah "something in the woods " was low budget, but it was a very good movie too. The same lead actor recently starred in " Man vs. Bjgfoot" which is also on Tubi. It's very good also ! They were enjoyable to watch.

  8. Rainbow Chip all day long. Astral Destiny as well.

  9. Boveda has a 62% packet large size that's good for up to a pound, with it & a 2 quart vacuum bottle from the headshop I've found that I can bring any dry bud back to its sweet spot in about 24 -36 hrs. It's worked every time w even the driest bud. As soon as it's good I put it back into a smaller jar with a 62% integra boost packet to keep it right. The big boveda brings it back fast, & the integra keeps it there without any worry of terp degradation as the integras don't have salt in them. It has saved me $ on flower that rarely gets discounted otherwise.

  10. I took three pkgs of Blueberry Cookies back to Columbia Care in Dayton yesterday. Two 1/10's, & an Artifact Jar 5.66. I made sure each pkg had about 1/4 of a gram of stem trash,& bud scrap in the bottom & turned them in minus labels & receipts cause I'd thrown them away. They accepted it & I left there very pleased after picking up some goodies from their 30% off Buckeye Relief sale!

  11. Ancient Roots gets it man..they are the top grower in Ohio by far. Woodward is close but not quite there & their packaging needs improvement. Also they treat the product as if it was a luxury recreational program. Ancient Roots treats it like a pharmaceutical medicine, and it is. Everything from their quality control to their packaging is very professionally done & up to current medical standards. Thumbs up AR.

  12. Same hear. Bought 2 5.66's a couple weeks ago. I have only a little left, no receipt, and only one of the jars that I kept because it's nice looking.. peeled the my prescription label off, too. So I'm guessing there isn't much recourse for me, though I will call because often being nice makes strange things happen.

  13. Hey I hope it's ok to ask, did you call Galenas ? I am in the same boat..

  14. Love Astral Destiny ! Tastes like shit but hits you like a truck.

  15. Had it chronic everyday for 2 years. Regular now after eating Greek yogurt daily. Nothing else worked.

  16. Most any dispensary that sells pods also sell batteries. Some are posted as a starter kit, they include the battery w the pod & are usually about $15 more than the pod alone would. Yes luster pods are better tasting w better effects as the oil is full spectrum oil. That means it has all the cannabanoids & terpenes intact in the oil. Try one & you will likely have found what you're looking for. Gro Ohio Pods are best, Klutch very close in quality, & have heard good things about the new One Orijin ones... I don't care for the Hon pods personally.

  17. I havent had it in a good while. I stopped going to sunny side and I never see it in the dispensaries I go to.

  18. I'm in Dayton. We are fortunate to have 4 good dispensaries here. Columbia Care has a ton of stock & variety as well as the best specials, & sales. Rainbow Chip is not usually around long, it dissapears fast. Try & you will know why...

  19. Columbia Care is my secondary dispensary. I only go there for 30% off deals. So if I ever l over look it due to not being able to get it discounted probably. If I dont get a tenth for 32 or less, I usually wont buy it.

  20. Smart. I lack the discipline that you have..

  21. They do everything right. Even the jars are superior.

  22. Their Lilac Diesel is some of the best bud I have ever had in this program. Everything from taste, cure, texture, to the medicating part. Top tier bud right there..

  23. Harvest Beavercreek has 20% off Ancient Roots til 12/7. They had 7 or 8 AR strains in stock. Best quality flower in Ohio & the strains are unique, not all cookies, cakes ect...

  24. Wasn't listed, easily it is Ancient Roots followed by Woodward, POW, & Klutch. Galenas rising fast !!

  25. Strawberry Cooler is 🔥. Best tasting weed ever, perfect cure, very heavy & heady high. Very medicating. Ancient Roots is the best grower in Ohio. Many sleep on it. Treated like medicine too, imagine that.. On sale now at Harvest Beavercreek thru Dec 7 I believe. They had most AR strains in stock too.

  26. Astral Destiny smacks ! So do : Galenas Blueberry Cookies especially Artifact version. Lilac Diesel Gorilla Nut Animal Face Rainbow Chip ( my favorite & hardest hitter) Ancient Roots Strawberry Cooler Blueberry Cheesecake Triangle Mintz Orange 43 Layer Cake Northern Lights Lemon Dosidos Kings Mustache

  27. I have used Xstream synthetic urine four times for lab drawn employment drug tests & passed all four times. $20 for a 3oz bottle & it absolutely does work.

  28. Combusting my GameDay mix of Animal Mints, Grapehead, Gelato Twist, Astral Destiny, Artifact Blueberry Cookies, & Rainbow Chip.

  29. Farkas Farms grows great flower. Rainbow Chip, & Rainbow Reserve flat out Rock !

  30. Have you ever tried MUV transdermal gel ? I'm mainly interested in how effective it is for pain & how it would compare w the Beneleaves cream ?

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