1. First NFA/forms for me, mainly just one unanswered questions after reading the majority of comments and the FAQ:

  2. File now. During the move, remove the brace so its a title 1 firearm under any interpretation. Complete your move. Once you get approval (if you didn't get it before the move), file a 5320.20 form for a permanent change of address. Wait for that to be approved. Reassemble your SBR. At that point, you can put a traditional stock and verticle grip on if you want rather than reattaching your brace.

  3. Thanks for the detailed answer, much appreciated!

  4. Something that’s in stock and would absolutely scratch this itch is Dark Birds Eye. It’s super funky, smoky and sweet. It’s also shag which is pretty much the best cut.

  5. That's a nice looking pipe. I really enjoy Dark Bird's Eye. Good amount of strength and flavor without the hassle of G&H flakes. I still smoke the flakes fairly often, but it's nice to not have to plan on a hour+ dry time.

  6. That is a beautiful pipe. I've had Uni Flake in my cart several times but always end up finding something else to replace it. One day...

  7. Autumn Eve has, in my opinion, one of the best tin notes. I still struggle to describe it accurately, but it's great. Sadly, in true aro fashion, I don't seem to get much of that in the flavor. But non-smokers always compliment the room note.

  8. Do you find it is like smoking warm air? That’s how I feel about 1-Q. Was hoping it would have more oomph than that.

  9. Yep, warm air for the most part though maybe slightly more flavor than 1Q, at least for me.

  10. Thanks! Absolutely dirt cheap, too. eBay find. Only paid $12, including shipping. Took three rounds of salt & alcohol to clean it thoroughly, but it turned out pretty ok

  11. What a steal! Awesome find, and it looks like you did a nice job on the restoration.

  12. Very nice! I've had a long relationship with Vitamin N, so hard to really judge strength at this point unless I smoke a stout one too fast and get 'niccups'. But

  13. Never would've guessed flavored pipes were a thing, let alone from an established manufacturer. As others have said, doubt it lasts long. Maybe smoke a few bowls of Burley to chase it out. Or make a mint patty if you happen to have a chocolate aro!

  14. One bowl in and I'm a fan, for sure. Very nice strength and flavor, but way more convenient and easy burning compared to their flakes I've tried so far.

  15. Ennerdale and 1792, the autistic children of pipe tobacco. Brilliant — and a little strange. But brilliant and unique as can be.

  16. Si far, I've only had the Dark Flake Scented. I found it a pleasant change for when I want a strong but different one at the end of the day. How does Ennerdale compare topping wise?

  17. If you come around the Blacksburg area in VA, make a stop at Blacksburg Pipe & Tobacco. Joe is a pleasure to talk to, and he really knows his stuff. He’s open Monday-Friday 11am-6pm

  18. Thanks! We make it to Blacksburg a few times a year so I'll add it to my list.

  19. Try searching Tobacconist instead. I’ve had better luck not hitting the vape/head shops places this way.

  20. Appreciate it! Using that method, I did manage to find a cigar shop that may offer some pipe tobacco, but still had sort through a few dozen "other".

  21. Did you get 3 mags with black one? They didnt send mine...

  22. I did, yes. I'd get ahold of Berelli and see what's up.

  23. No tax? I'm getting charged tax! And I know bereli isn't where I live.

  24. I'm in WV. Firearms and ammo are tax-exempt here. I'm sad to be possibly leaving, saved me so much in the ~2yrs it's been a thing.

  25. Beautiful results. What do you find the hardest facet of restoration to be? What is the most important (money spent vs. value added) tool or instrument you'd recommend for those new to restores?

  26. I've been restoring on and off since I was 15, so 10 years. The hardest part for me is repairing burnouts but as a beginner it is getting the stem sanded well. Make sure to spend good time making sure you have fully sanded each part of the stem before moving on to higher grit. I would say the most important piece of my kit are my micromesh sanding pads. They are the most important tool to get a beautiful shine on old stems. I'd also invest in good reamers but they aren't fully necessary as you can always use sandpaper. I usually use 320 grit sandpaper after reaming to get remaining cake and so I don't over ream and ruin the bowl. If you really enjoy it invest in a bench grinder and throw buffing wheels on them. Makes the job a hell of a lot easier than hand buffing. The best online resource for restoration advice is the Reborn Pipes website.

  27. Thanks for the detailed response, I really appreciate it. I've seen those pads mentioned before and will throw a set in my next Amazon cart. Space is limited right now but I'll check out harbor freight next time I'm there to see if they have a small and affordable bench setup, otherwise I think I can figure something with a variable speed drill and vise/clamps. Reborn pipes has been bookmarked for a bit but haven't had the time to dive in yet.

  28. I likely have smoked more bowls in my few MM Legends than any other pipe. They're great smokers. I want to get a forever stem, but also want to see how dark I can make that amber stem. Decisions...

  29. I wish mm wouldn't make that severe bend. I'd rather it be even with the angle of the top of the bowl, and a gentle curve. Surely it's not that hard to do.

  30. Agreed. At the very least, a gentle curve would make sense. I've thought about dunking it in hot/boiling water to see if I could straighten it a bit. Popped a few extra bent stems in my cart last time, will see how it goes with a non-tarred example.

  31. Sad I missed it. Would've went great with my Mav 88 Security.

  32. First thoughts were "this seems like something the Esoterica guy from a day or two ago would post".

  33. Another note is I noticed my order was delayed this morning from Friday delivery to Saturday. Don't know of its fedex being crappy or they recalled the delivery

  34. Those are some impressive mental gymnastics. The nanny state is what is providing me deals? Lol. I've found and acted on numerous deals that others missed out on because I wasn't able to share them here. But hey. We are all protected from the big bad drop shippers that might cancel our orders some times.

  35. It's wild that you are actually trying to defend a vendor who knowingly sent dozens of, if not more, customers 25% of their order. Gymnastics indeed.

  36. This post isn't going to go the way you thought...

  37. Nice haul! Love me a short story, one of the few sticks I still smoke.

  38. So only thing I tried was the cobblestone black coffee. I honestly got no coffee flavor out of it, just a dark and creamy black Cavendish flavor. Not complaining about that, as it did pair nicely with coffee.

  39. If you can, get an ounce or two of Gawith & Hogarth Dark Flake Unscented on your next order. To me, it's about as close to cigars as you can get. It is strong, both flavor and nic wise, but very satisfying (I smoked strong sticks). Just rub it out good and let it dry a bit.

  40. Did yours get shipped? I just got the email with tracking for 3200 rounds

  41. I got a shipment confirmation/tracking about 4 hrs ago. This was my third order shipped from OP in the past week, and this was the only one that didn't even show the order/items on the shipping info email. So, predicting some shady shit.

  42. Mine says 6.1 pounds so they are probably trying to do the same thing for me just with 2 boxes of 400 when I should be getting 3200 rounds. Looks like I am in the same boat as you

  43. Yeah, seems to be a common theme from what others have shared. In the past when I've ran into clearly erroneous pricing, they've just canceled and threw some OP bucks my way. Guess they're trying a new strategy lol

  44. Already have a 3x and uh-1 on the way for a new AUG. Went ahead and grabbed one of these too. For science!

  45. Of course! Hogs are good eatin'. It just depends on how clean the animal is, its important to check if there is anything wrong with it or if it looks sickly. Hogs are known to carry diseases and parasites, if it looks healthy and it isnt wormy. Chuck that sucker on the grill or smoker and make some bacon! Lol

  46. My brother in law used to go on hunts in NC and the sausage he always gifted was awesome. We don't have them here, but from what I've heard of the damage they do, maybe that's a good thing. I hope to help thin the population one day!

  47. Nice animal, nice gun, nice pipe, nice 'stache. Happy butchering, my friend! Have you tried smoking any of the feral ones? I've heard they make some mean pulled pork.

  48. I see a gun, I upvote. Just crossed another one off my list last night with an AUG order. So excited!

  49. I'm a little jealous, the only time I've seen one in person was when I was in Texas for a wedding and they wouldn't let me look at anything because I had an out of state drivers license

  50. Seems like something you could definitely find in Texas. The closest I've been so far is Die Hard 😂

  51. Is it 30 GB including the 5 GB mobile hotspot or is it 30 + 5? Thanks.

  52. The 5GB Hotspot draws from your total allowance of 30GB per the FAQ on the website.

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