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  1. I ignored it and didn’t think it would happen so early on. Until I was faced with it out of nowhere. Lost my mom in February 2018. Diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer only a few short weeks before. I didn’t think I would be saying goodbye to my mama at only 27 years old and her being only 58.

  2. I remember this from when it first aired. Wonder how he is today?

  3. Moved from Morrison to Lincoln NE. I love it here . TBH wouldn’t move back to CO

  4. Yep. I’m sick. My daughter is sick. Thank goodness hers is just a sinus infection and I just have strep and bronchitis. I got rsv (she somehow didn’t) this past February and it honestly almost killed me. There’s lots of weird random virus going on right now. Edit: and to add there’s a shortage of children’s amoxicillin right now. I got mine no issue yesterday but took her to her pediatrician and was handed a written paper script and basically told best of luck. Fortunately second Walgreens I called at 6pm had just enough to fill hers.

  5. I feel like she also used to look sober, now some days I see her live she can’t even open her eyes 🙃

  6. Same. Watched her live and eyes super dilated.

  7. There does appear to be just a blur around her entire body. Idk like an aura is the best way I can think to describe it. Like she’s blurred and surroundings/background is very detailed

  8. I’m not saying I didn’t like it then or still but it isn’t even close to being the same place these days

  9. Seriously overpopulated. Takes way too long to get to where you’re going anymore, the pollution. Idk just isn’t the same as it was growing up.

  10. 12 year old me has such a broken heart. I was like super obsessed with him. He’s been going through it the past idk decade? How sad. I feel for his son.

  11. My mouth started watering hardcore by just looking at this!

  12. I went in 2016. Got the help I needed with severe anxiety I needed.

  13. Same. I literally work in nursing and not one single person I work with, friends, family or residents have gotten sick from the vaccine.

  14. It’s when in a person who is experiencing natural death starts having organ failure, heart first. Basically because the heart no longer can efficiently pump blood, blood pools mostly in the extremities like the hands and feet and they get this purple, red, grey pattern since the blood is just sitting there. Death is imminent after that. It can happen in like septic shock and stuff too but in this case it’s about death

  15. Yep. I don’t think this is mottling. I’ve seen it many, many, many times. When I have someone on hospice and starting that final transition I keep an eye on their feet. Usually a good indication of general timeframe.

  16. Ugh! Can that shit color be removed!? If so, super cool in natural state!

  17. I wouldn’t let her get in the bath with all clothes on(coat and boots included), there weren’t more pages in her book, she put her doll in the doll stroller(yeah idk), she wanted a Bleu cheese crumble off my salad so I gave it to her she made an awful face and spit it out…repeat then wanted to repeat again. No.

  18. HAND SANITIZER DOES NOT PROTECT AGAINST THE STOMACH BUG (NOROVIRUS)!! Winter is coming and it will get worse. For people with the fear of throwing up like me, please remember to WASH your hands frequently during these months.

  19. I’ve had norovirus a few times. Most recently (2021) my 3 month old had been admitted to hospital for respiratory issues. On Mother’s Day I was suddenly so sick I was shitting blood. Wheeled me down to ER tests, fluids told I had picked up norovirus. Ugh it was awful.

  20. Recently listened to the case on the Suffer the Little Children podcast. Made me fucking sick!

  21. I vividly remember doing this exact thing as a kid

  22. A few times. Don’t remember context of the dream but yeah.

  23. We moved to an apt last December after finding black mold in our rented house and the old landlord thought slapping new drywall would “fix” it when it was a way deeper issue. So when my 20 month old is throwing a tantrum and banging her feet on the ground I feel bad and try to comfort/calm her. So I get where you’re coming from but on the other hand I don’t feel TOO bad. She’s learning to regulate and expressing big emotions. This evening was exceptionally bad screaming but for a good reason. I bought a new body wash for her and put some in the bath while filling up like normal. She stood up and was screaming and crying in serious distress and so angry AT ME! Trying to slap me in the face and bite. Pulled her out, hugging her, rocking her and talking calmly and sweet. Then noticed her legs and waist were angry red and covered in hives. She was having a reaction. Anyway. Was worried. This was a different level of screaming and crying and assumed my neighbors would notice it was a different cry than normal. Hang in there. This is tough and don’t apologize for your beautiful baby existing.

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