1. But then you’d be able to trade seasonal weapons which I just can’t abide. There’s gotta be a reward for playing regularly

  2. BREAKING NEWS: 24 pack of Coors Light traded into my possession for a $20 bill and a $5 bill.

  3. Sorry I missed this last night. Still trying to get together a gameday bot too for as many affiliates as we can.

  4. I appreciate you trying to keep this going! I think it'll catch on and pick up soon :)

  5. No worries if it does or doesn't. It's becoming more of a hobby for me as I get older.

  6. If this gym isn't called "prison yard" they are really missing out on marketing.

  7. Rays need to offer him one of those Braves styles long term low AAV contracts asap

  8. So we're aware, steaks should be room temperature before cooking. A good cook would know this.

  9. But for more then four hours at room temp? Any good cook knows that will make you sick. Unless your dry aging meat.

  10. Who says they're sitting there for four hours? They don't spawn until you start the quest.

  11. Yeah but what about when both Vaitai and Ragnow inevitably get hurt; who's playing guard when Glasgow is filling in for Ragnow? Ragnow has missed games the last 4 years and Vaitai has been injured every year with us.

  12. Well Kraemer didn't play for us so losing him doesn't really affect how our line performed. Glasgow replaces the versatility of brown, and arguably upgrades that floating depth piece. The rest is the same.

  13. I'd prefer not to see Logan Stenberg starting any games for us again... Also, there's the fact that we have 0 guards on our roster that are under contract next year

  14. It’s also for the patient, since one of the most effective harm reduction practices is not using alone. If you’re using with a buddy and you both have naloxone, either person is ready to respond if the other overdoses.

  15. How common is it to recognize and reverse your own overdose?? Not saying having the option is wrong...

  16. I think he expected to get more acclaim for doing so but nobody seemed to care and it's forgotten about now, for some reason.

  17. Is there any real iron man myth like in baseball? Didn't really associate playing every game as being a normal thing in basketball.

  18. So what I've been saying and getting downvoted the whole offseason for. Jamo is the X replacement for Chark

  19. We really shouldn't be counting on Reynolds as our 3. Unless Cephus can shake the injury bug we should go and grab a big bodied dude to be our three. Johnston is a dream of mine, tbh. He'd fit here perfectly and who better to work on drops with than St. Brown?

  20. Cephus is garbage. Shouldn't even make the roster much less be playing snaps

  21. Cephus is most certainly not garbage. He's just hurt. There's a difference.

  22. BPA on my board would be Bijan but because of positional value Tyree Wilson would be my pick. Interested in what would be everyone's next BPA/pick if it falls this way

  23. Probably porter Jr at 18 then. Which would be a solid draft for us.

  24. Porter Jr. would get nabbed at 17 if he’s there. Steelers need a CB and he’s a legacy.

  25. We deserve Moody. Every other team should understand that.

  26. In any other draft, I just don’t think Van Ness is a top 10 prospect.

  27. Hes a pretty damn athletic dude. Not elite but solidly talented.

  28. Not the most attractive of picks but I definitely understand going OL in the first this year.

  29. I think if you actually got that, you'd hate it.

  30. Cmon bro you know that's not comparable.

  31. Well I hate this mock less than most of them. Still don’t think DE is a pressing pick at 6th. Wouldn’t cry over getting Wilson and Carter though

  32. Edge is as pressing a need as any of ours, no? What would be more pressing?

  33. Just in value or practice aswell? Thought it would be at least the third best 1* for full healths after Quad and Antiarmor...

  34. Both. Full health builds have moved to AA and aristocrats

  35. It's fine just not as much damage as Aristocrats from what I understand.

  36. Guys like Mark Buehrle made careers by working quickly. He kept batters off balance with it, which is a big part of why he had such a successful career with mediocre stuff.

  37. Go watch buehrle? Dude I watched his career! im a tigers fan so I saw him more than anyone outside of Chicago.

  38. Because a pitch clock works just fine and keeps everything at an even pace. You don’t need to fix every single problem with the game before you implement a rule. They did it in the minors, found it worked well, implemented it.

  39. It's fine, agreed. But no clock and just letting them throw sends the same message, no?

  40. No better gun? A Q25ffr15r Rail would disagree. 25v is junk stat for a weapon that literally consumes so little AP and has like 40 rounds.

  41. Almost all 25 lvc weapons are just a status symbol thanks to the prevalence of coffee.

  42. Just let them keep selling goat wespons to us for caps. Don't rock the boat!

  43. She really was too kind for me ☺️🥰🙏

  44. Yea the bumpers are still made as one piece I think. Usually the joint snaps inside and they become unresponsive. It’s not a hard fix for them to do but if it’s out of warranty you’re prob gonna fuckup the grips because the glue peels back. I will say though, my controllers were put through a lot of gaming so I can’t complain

  45. See mine last about 2 months and I'm easy on my controllers. I've literally never had a controller break on me from NES to now but these series 2 just can't hang.

  46. It’s weird that they broke so soon. Sure ya didn’t drop them or anything? The shortest amount of time that it lasted was like 8 months

  47. Never. Not something my nieces and nephews use either. Goes in the case and shut in a safe place when charging. Just shit luck I suppose. I've had countless mad catz on dreamcast and shit too and those didn't even break.

  48. There's an app for the show. Search your respective store for it. MLB the Show Companion App.

  49. I’ve been doing it for years on the console while watching something on the tv or listening to music. I’ll check it out and see. Last I heard it wasnt working with 23 on ios

  50. I'm sure that's just temporary. I use the app while watching tigers games sometimes. Flipping is easier on there.

  51. He was 2-for-21 (.095) over the last two weeks of spring training and they probably think he can only play 2B.

  52. Kreidler would be like the 6th or 7th OF after Greene, Meadows, Vierling, Carpenter, Maton, and then maybe Haase.

  53. Just speaking to the potential not saying it'll be a norm.

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