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The Art of Ball Chasing

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  • By - dwhum

  1. I'd really like to know how you can play the game blind; genuine question.

  2. I’m pretty sure blindness is a spectrum. They probably aren’t fully blind.

  3. We really take these things for granted

  4. Definitely. My parents had me take Taekwondo lessons and play on a soccer team as a child, so I’ve always had a good sense of balance and foot dexterity. I guess I just assumed everyone did too.

  5. Irrationally giving higher probabilities for positive outcomes probably helped us evolutionarily

  6. This reads so naturally that I almost missed the joke.

  7. Knowing 212 = 4,096 and 220 = 1,048,576

  8. I think it was musty that won a game against all ranks until GC without boosting

  9. I solo-queued 2s to champ 1 without boost. It’s a hell of a grind. My game sense tanks when I switch back to my main (using boost).

  10. At pretty much every rank, pinpointing your mistakes that lead to goals is a good way to learn to play smarter. In all standard playlists, around 95% of goals are at least partially your fault* meaning that if you played differently, you could have prevented it.

  11. I'm guessing the least popular mode. Because the majority of great players spend the time they have, trying to beat each other in the popular modes and are out of your way.

  12. Definitely not. Dropshot and Snowday are almost impossible to get ssl. The season rank resets really prune the high ranks in unpopular playlists.

  13. I encounter smurfs in 90% of games - stop lying. A quick look at RL tracker shows there's over 500,000 players in D3 and C1. There's only 50,000 players GC and up. What you're saying is literally impossible.

  14. I hadn’t considered it that way. Interesting insight. It sounds like OP is confusing freestylers for smurfs. The guys in d3/c1 nowadays can hit some insane shots, but that doesn’t necessarily make them insane players.

  15. As soon as I see that I know I’m in for it as well if I make a mistake so I just insta mute them. Cba with that noise.

  16. This is the way. Nothing good ever comes from responding, so why bother listening to that crap in the first place.

  17. Off topic question, I've been thinking about playing 1s and on the face off, do you go for the ball or do you wait?

  18. Both are viable options. Faking is almost always better as long as the opponent gives up possession. If the opponent keeps giving the ball to me, I will fake it every time.

  19. Dude cheated and aggressively lied about it to a legion of 12 year olds, he’s a weirdo who really shouldn’t have the platform he does as something of the antithesis of a positive role model

  20. The story is a lot more complex than that. I agree that he shouldn't be a role model, and the way he has handled the situation was disastrous.

  21. I got champ 1 in snow day and gc in rumble last season, and within 6 wins of gc in 2s. I think I’m most proud of getting champ in snow day lmao.

  22. gc1 in 2s, c3 in 3s, gc2 in rumble and I’m struggling to get out of d2 in snow day. I’m looking up snow day guides and practicing puck mechanics in freeplay to try to get back to champ, but it doesn’t matter when my teammates wiff shots and have awful defense. I can help do one of those things- but carrying in both aspects is beyond me.

  23. Pretty much any game with stuff like that, I play the whole game saving them and never use them. End most games with nearly the entire available stock of boosts lol.

  24. I feel like games should make consumables plentiful or consistently obtainable so there isn’t a pressure to hold on to them.

  25. I think you’ve misunderstood the goal of Hell’s Kitchen

  26. Well it doesn't specify that the time is the solution(s) to that equation. It just states the equation

  27. I haven’t heard of Jessica before reading this thread, but I think its a bad idea to boldly present your assumption as fact.

  28. If it always lucky, is it luck? Lot of strategy goes into 50s

  29. I had the (mis)fortune of playing a SSL in 1s. I could not for the life of me get a 50 that wasn’t immediately very bad. When it didn’t result with the ball going in front of my net, my car would just bounce off the ball into the air. I think I only won 1 of the 12 kickoffs.

  30. You don’t even have to mess something up for them to stop, heck you don’t even have to get scored on.

  31. I think every hypercube tiles tiles its respective dimensional space.

  32. Hey I just wanna defend all the keyboard + mouse players cuz making small movements is impossible on kb

  33. And yet I ordered dominos yesterday and they said someone walked into the store and changed the address on my order. They delivered it to an entirely different address without even calling my number.

  34. Seems like a risky move on their part. You now know their address.

  35. Is ball chasing just the opposite of rotating with your teammates, or is there an additional meaning to it?

  36. Ball chasing is continuously challenging or possessing the ball. It can be very good when done correctly because it applies a lot of pressure to the other team.

  37. I’ve reached the point where If I want to keep improving, I need to do an hour of warmup each day before going into ranked. Still haven’t learned flip resets, but air dribbling is starting to become important.

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