1. You’d need to get it thicc, and I think the skin behind the ear is pretty thin so probably wouldn’t last long

  2. Any thoughts on where else I might get it done to keep its shape longer? Currently only have one small tat on my right forearm so I’ve got free real estate.

  3. I’m no expert tbh, but maybe somewhere fleshy like the thigh? Or keep working the forearms like I am!

  4. In prison, they assert dominance with anal. You do the math

  5. In all seriousness mate, people who snake you like this are not worth your time. Who’s to say he won’t try to conquest the person you wife?

  6. Then delete back story and change dialogue. This is literally what the drafting process is for

  7. I am in that trepid area where I feel if i take this out it will reduce character depth. I hope to find a way around it.

  8. Then find beta readers as others suggested, see if they think things could be trimmed down without impacting character depth

  9. I like this idea, because you can hone your skills in terms of editing, drafts, and all that jazz. You won’t be hyper focused on making it a magnum opus, and strictly keep it as a learning experience

  10. Mine never looks like this so I’m gonna say no. Did you tear open the scab? What happened?

  11. if it is ripped open, do you think it can still heal properly?

  12. It needs a chance to scab over, and probably will need touching up once the wound heals and if ink didn’t settle. Could also scar, so just be wary. Contact your artist bro, they should have some tips

  13. All depends on what you want, but I prefer sleeves to be filled out. I’m getting the rest of my forearm and wrist layered with mandalas to complete the effect. Maybe a night time cosmic backdrop could help complete the aesthetic you’re going for

  14. Some people like to dress up for the mental boost, the confidence could make their workout go better. Just leave it lol it’s not that deep

  15. Yeah I used to have a similar mentality to OP until I started finding shirts that fit me and show off my gains. I still don’t give a shit about brand names, but I like wearing clothes that make me look jacked to the gym

  16. I’ve found that wearing clothes that looks good on me gets more looks from girls (obviously) which in turn makes me fix my posture a bit more and also push my workouts harder. I don’t wear specific brands, but I imagine it’s the same for a lot of these gym shark people, probably similar reason why girls wear the close hugging clothes as well? Idk

  17. Tbh you’re talented bro, focus on fundamentals as well as these mechanics and you could go far. 300 hours is nuts

  18. If you live in south of England, Katie at Black Pearl Tattoo in Chichester specialises in hyper realism flowers. She’s doing my mandala and she’s amazing tbh.

  19. Hey I just want to say that tattoo cover ups are such a great way of covering scars. Mine were nowhere near your level, but my tattoo hides them well (see my post history if you want to see it)

  20. I’m going for four drafts personally, beta readers after the 3rd

  21. Covering fire is definitely slept on, it can stop a push and give your team time to heal

  22. Apparently coloured ink is banned in some places but I’ve never looked into it

  23. I know it’s not much but ketocon/nizoral shampoo will also be good to add

  24. I read 18 year old and didn’t bat an eye after seeing the picture

  25. Any op that scans like that (seer as well), takes away from forcing you to learn game knowledge about where people might be, it can become a major crutch as well if you get too used to it. Not the end of the world, but could be a detriment

  26. Why do you have a problem to have slavery a part of your story? I really don't understand it after reading your post.

  27. Im sorry that OP started yelling at you in his reply

  28. Read John Truby Anatomy of story, breaks down writing fundamentals including a chapter called scene weave that directly stresses this stuff

  29. It’s a bad tattoo. Luckily you only have 1,000,000,000,000 other tats like this to compare it to

  30. I wanted a pine silhouette sleeve, is it really that popular?

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