1. I don't know why anyone gets worked up about any ratings. People like the movie, it's not that complicated. People also love Se7en, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

  2. Wait till you see Puss in Boots: The Last Wish has a 4.3 which makes it 106th best film of all time

  3. Gotta give my vote to 2016 I think. My top ten from that year is just full of masterpieces.

  4. a good year for sure. don’t forget the witch and green room (US wide release), elle, and the criminally underseen Triple 9

  5. The Witch and Green Room are in my 2015 list. Fantastic movies though.

  6. For me personally the wonderful orlando and memoria outweighs most of cates discog

  7. It's a really strong list. If it was up to me, I'd have Decision to Leave and Pinocchio in place of Avatar and Elvis, though Avatar I think is a good movie.

  8. Such a good year for movies. My favourite from that year:

  9. Christmas Bloody Christmas or Thor: Love and Thunder

  10. I really disliked it for a number of reasons. The filmmaking was very mediocre, the school choir subplot was trite and lame as hell, and the depiction and treatment of the deaf parents was borderline offensive in how it infantalized them. Pretty much hated it honestly.

  11. Really want to get a print from this film, that shot of Tang Wei is so good

  12. Some of the most esquisite, jaw dropping cinematography I've ever seen.

  13. Elvis in best picture is absurd. Especially in a year where we had so many phenomenal movies. Nope, Pinocchio, or Decision to Leave deserve more.

  14. If Pinocchio was live action it would have been nominated for something more

  15. So disappointing not to have it in the best picture race.

  16. Absolutely, but Throne of Blood is just absolutely gorgeous and I love Shakespeare haha. High and Low would be a top pick for me as well.

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