1. Is this a for profit league; or, just for props?

  2. You low-key have no real recourse; but, I'd def try and get some league mates to come to bat for fairness and the sanctity of the league and call the collusion out; but, it's the commissioner and a family member, too; so, it may be a too bad, so sad effort.

  3. Normally people stop playing make believe during adolescence... It's never wrong to dream of the impossible though 🤣😂

  4. JC Jackson limited in practice Tuesday, which means he's legitimately got a shot to play, the season is too long to rush his return!

  5. Keep the benches very small 3 players, 5 max, this will make a ton of players available each week to recycle rosters and keep people engaged and maybe instigate some trades. And even if your league mates fall off for a few weeks with small benches they can come back and overhaul their rosters with a little bit of research and effort and potentially get right back in it.

  6. Depends on roster construction; I'm completely willing to ignore ADP when I'm targeting a positional grouping that I've been lighter on drafting in earlier rounds, it varus, but we're trying for an overall balance; it depends on how the room plays out. If we boil it down, I'm usually willing to jump ADP by a round, max two, and it's more like, if more than a round and a half I'll reexamine what value may or not have fallen as a pivot and decide from there.

  7. I just never got to gist of that saying in video games. Isn’t everybody TRYING to win? Am I supposed to just put my controller down so I won’t be considered a sweat? Jeez.

  8. Tryhard is to sweat, like, scrub is to bot; they're the same thing, but used by different generations of gamers...

  9. Their brains are so active they fry their hair follicles!

  10. Bestball ADP drives the overall market ADP, that's the easiest way to narrow it down. People have been drafting bestball lineups for months, hundreds and thousands of aggregated decisions with money invested in each draft give a fair market value/player sentiment, it's rife with bias and group think,e etcetera. But, it's also an excellent barometer of how a normies draft will play out.

  11. Unless they changed it, it takes about two weeks to reset, and that's after being unbanned and the length increases exponentially if multiple offences occur before it resets.

  12. The damage buff did impact my ring camping severly which is why i think the damage buff is not the issue.

  13. It’s always only been a 20 minute game. It’s a battle royale. Go play arena or call of duty if you want matches to be quick.

  14. You're a scrub, it's actually closer to 24 if you're in high tier, there's literally a 5 minute period where nobody dies because they're positioned for endgame and people are just waiting for the zone to collapse. You're an absolute moron if you don't comprehend what I wrote and I will eviscerate any response you want to try and field.

  15. Sell your account and pay for someone else to do it...

  16. If I turned 5k into 48k, I probably would have flexed that to my GF... RIP

  17. Dodged a bullet with that one... Pretend you never made the money, I mean; it was never realized, so... Was it ever really there?

  18. Nothing you can do about injury, but, it's definitely worrisome. However, I'm fairly certain no starter will play during preseason.

  19. Not a big deal, probably. BUT look at who his agent is. That scum bag who represents Deshaun Watson. Probably wants fully guaranteed for a flex. This smells. He’s also probably using Staley’s words about Derwin against them. A small part of me wouldn’t be shocked if he was traded.

  20. That's why my original premise is that the hold up is about the guaranteed money. But, I ultimately believe Derwin wants to play for the Chargers, that's my opinion. Because, look at our team right now, have we ever legitimately had a better chance to make a run at multiple Championships in the next 2-3 years? I don't think so, I've been watching this team since I started to get into football and it's the best, most complete roster we've ever had. Is Derwin a premium cog, absolutely, but, he's not the end all, be all; everyone is replaceable, and at the end of your career, what do you want your legacy to be, part of a championship roster, or the highest paid player at your position on a trash team... until the market resets before that contract eclipses.

  21. You literally just rephrased the macro concept of guaranteed money at a micro level...

  22. You're in gold, playing scrubs and your entry cost is low, it's not even hard until plat; plus, plat has a bunch of smurfs that can't make it past D4.

  23. I queue with my mates who are in plat because I’ve barely played this split. I’m already playing in Platinum lobbies, but then again I get the bonus KP from being lower than them

  24. There's always a chance, you're never more than a few handfuls of wins in a row away from a high rank.

  25. You're short bus special, one or two extra targets per game to Pollard and Schultz (68/104) is not a radical claim, Tolbert gets the rest. Literally leaving Lamb without anything extra, which is completely possible because he's drawing number 1 coverage and double teams because he's the only receiver; it's's not complicated, it's X's and O's.

  26. 1 coverage backs play the outside receivers, more often than not, Lamb played mostly in the slot; he didn't face number 1 coverage, period; it's a fact. You honestly believe teams aren't going to double cover him...

  27. Bruh it’s millions of dollars and you’re a free agent take whatever climate you can get 💀 he went to college at Notre Dame! It’s not exactly the tropics

  28. It wouldn't be close to millions; it would most likely be a standard Veteran minimum deal, which is just south of a million, likely would have another half to a mil in incentives.

  29. Yes, it would have no natural EV training as a fresh caught Pokemon so it's stats would be lacking and it's best move it learns by level up would be the 60 base power Bite unless you wanted to waste your Hyper Beam TM on him. Also most Elite 4 Pokemon are upwards of level 50+ so it would be potentially underleveled.

  30. The takeaway isn't "ignore players at these ADPs." it's "performance at the first rank listed is essentially replaceable." taking that a step further, the implication is that high floor, low ceiling players are bad picks, particularly later in drafts, and that you should aim for upside over everything after the first few rounds.

  31. Your high upside dart throw ghosts you 3/4 of the year and odds are he's hate benched half the times he goes off anyway, or, flat out traded/dropped during a bye.

  32. That’s the thing. There is a reason that by mid season this sub is half of complaining. They passed up on all the high floor guys for guys that will hit 10% of the time. Those guys will absolutely kill you if you draft them Exclusively.

  33. Yeah, people hype upside without context, like, Gabe Davis got 1/4 of his total production in 1 games, the odds you have him in your line the game he blows up is infinitesimal.

  34. That's the point though. Redraft goes rb heavy early on precisely because there are only a few bellcow rbs left in the league.

  35. Underdog is . 5 PPR, WR is the overall meta strategy this year; believe it, or not, it's the truth; most leagues that have an average age below 37 use 3WR.

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