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  2. Are we not able to craft the new wood used in the mistlands docks, or do we have to progress through the mistlands to gain a material that allows us to make them?

  3. That wood is not available to craft.

  4. So me and a fiend just tried to fight bonemass and we where beaten hard, we had poison resist potions iron armor, he had a huntsman bow with fire arrows and I had an iron mace and buckler we lost hard I couldn't seem to parry and stun the boss and fire arrows seem to do nothing. I was doing damage with the mace but couldn't heal quick enough and got swarmed by the skelly and slimes. Do you have any tips for us?

  5. You can't parry-stun bosses, and they do so much damage you'll need to be in better gear to really effectively block bonemass.

  6. This seems like total bullshit when you consider how many posts make the front page of “X Japanese Wrestler does mundane daily activity”

  7. You got it, all posts related to the Oxford Dictionary are now allowed. The people have spoken and they want etymologies and adverb related content.

  8. Yep, Colts find a way to somehow win that one, calling it now

  9. I don't think there's no build, but for me definitely definitely good build has been lacking, been zoning out the show and skipping parts of it past month or 2.

  10. ITT: People who don't watch Rampage complaining about a match on a show they're not gonna watch regardless.

  11. I wrote the post show wins/losses column without looking at spoilers and I 100% know I'm right.

  12. Feel however you want about it, I know what my eyes saw and the DM's I got, and extraneous material will no longer be appended to Dynamite threads in any way ever again.

  13. But the current recap isn't even a recap. It's just match results. Nothing about segments or any other info. All people wanted was just a normal show summary lol. That was the entire basis of the post. Everything else after that had nothing to do with the sentiment of the original post.

  14. We are transitioning all post show threads to not have recaps of any kind in the future. Current mods or users still doing them may continue if the community approves, but any new mods or users taking over show threads will no longer include them at all, and they will begin following a common system. Eventually, in time, all of them will be posted by a generic account.

  15. Yeah, my bad, I forgot to add the source. It's formatted like the Ibushi update thread now, so it should be fine.

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