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  1. Choking from smoking so much wallpaper in a joint

  2. Brought back memories of simpler times!

  3. Man I haven't seen a human ground and pound a dog before.

  4. Do it. You'll always have those skills in your bag for the future.

  5. Try it again, i know it works because it took me a couple tries too. First delete all the files you sent and the new folder you created and redo it again.

  6. I will try again- maybe the file size is too high, the mp3 is 1.2mb

  7. In the alarm menu, I can see the file name- and select it fine- but not when trying to set a ringtone or notification

  8. A year? Wow I hadn't realised its been an issue for that long (only got my watch at xmas)

  9. Apparently there's supposed to be a way to do it if you download a very specific file manager. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I don't really trust the file manager that's supposed to make it possible.

  10. Tried manually moving the files- I can see them in the directory, but can't select them for use within the settings. Apparently it's only a recent thing- as it was advertised for sale with that feature.

  11. Never heard it called that in my 25 odd years of smoking lol. Canoeing, boating or pulling an Elvis

  12. That cave exploration hobby where people squeeze through tight spaces. Just fuck no.

  13. I struggle to imagine a situation in which I'd be inclined to do the whole caving thing. Maybe if I were being chased by a particularly sexually aggressive grisly bear. Or my responsibilities. It just seems so needlessly horrifying.

  14. By stirring the metel you can make sure the slag is removed (impurties)

  15. I never tire of using that word in a professional capacity :-)

  16. Well that's a sound I didn't know I hated until just now.

  17. Best side profile head shape you can ask for

  18. Have Cavill portray the propaganda version of Cain while Rowan Atkinson narrates as the real Cain. Comedy gold, I tell you (and a good tribute to Edmund Blackadder, one of the inspirations behind the character).

  19. I would sell an undisclosed amount of kidneys to personally fund this.

  20. My heart. It bleeds. Honestly mate, you come off sounding like a right cock end here.

  21. I sleep in my bed of rocks, with my rock pillow. Only the thinnest sheet or I will wake up drenched in sweat. I'm 6'2, 240, and my gravitational pull would be disastrous for my wife.

  22. The eyes are quite useful- They'll see you through the week.

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